The Twisted Tales of Spike McFang on Nintendo Super NES

Can Spike McFang, junior magician and vampire in training, rescure his island kingdom from the evil hands of Von Hesler? Help Spike use his magical powers to conquer the sinister leaders of 9 island areas and restore his father, Dracuman, to power.

Spike's weapons? A magical hat and cape that spin at high speeds. Sure, they're unusual, but you have to get creative when you're facing killer garlic and zombies! Along the way, Spike will need to find plenty of gold and magic cards to keep going, so keep your eyes peeled. It's Spike's first chance to test his skills in real action!



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Game Information

Alternative Titles
Chou Makai Taisen: Dorabocchan, 超魔界大戦!どらぼっちゃん
Nintendo Super NES
Bullet Proof Software, Red Company
Naxat Soft
Action, RPG
NA Release Date
June 1, 1994
JP Release Date
March 19, 1993
MVGL User Score
7.7 by 3 User(s)
MVGL Difficulty Rating
Hisashi Matsushita
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10 User(s)

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