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~One Who Has the Power to Bind Another's Soul.~
One who possesses the Demon Gaze, an Evil Eye that can capture demons. Defeat the demons, capture their souls, turn their souls into keys, and use them to your advantage. By defeating the demons that exist in the land, new elements of the story will be revealed.

~What is the Truth Behind Your Lost Memories?!~
Misrid - a cursed land located in the far west.
Treasures lie deep within labyrinths. You become a hunter to make a living.
Lost memories, and the power of a Demon Gazer.
For the day this mystery is revealed...

Demon Gaze is a first-person, dungeon-crawling RPG in which players take control of a hero with a magic eye that can defeat partially mechanical demons and capture their souls. In addition to controlling the main character Oz, gamers can create support characters from more than 90 different portraits, eight races, and eight classes. Players then head into dungeons, conquering small areas to access better items and eventually drawn out the demon boss for battle. Vanquished demons can then be added to the party, though they may occasionally turn on gamers.
There are six different areas to explore in the land of Misrid, and dungeon battles occur when players place gems into special summoning circles. The type of gem used in circles also determines the kind of gear defeated monsters drop. When not in battle, gamers head to the Dragon Princess Inn, a hub where they can pay their rent, rest, sell loot, and take on new quest assignments. Players can also head to the inn's bath to change the appearance of their characters, store items or change the difficulty in the basement, or go to various shops to purchase new gear and weapons.

- Battle partially mechanical demons to capture their souls and then summon them into battle.
- Create custom support characters from more than 90 portraits, eight races, and eight classes.
- Take on side missions, meet NPCs, and buy new items at the Dragon Princess Inn.

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Game Information

Sony PS Vita
Kadokawa Games, Experience Inc.
NIS America
Dungeon Crawler, RPG
NA Release Date
April 22, 2014
JP Release Date
January 24, 2013
EUR Release Date
April 25, 2014
AUS Release Date
May 8, 2014
ESRB Rating
PEGI Rating
CERO Rating
ACB Rating
MVGL User Score
Naoaki Jimbo
Official Website

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