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We Ski & Snowboard is the sequel to We Ski game, the main new feature of this episode is, the ability to use a snowboard. At first, the player has to define his character: its face, with a choice between some pre-defined faces or a Mii face. Then the gear, from the clothing to the skis themselves. Some special clothes can be unlocked during the game.The player has an entire new resort at his disposition, and he can go wherever he wants. Now, he can even do some off-piste skiing. Sometimes, he can obtain missions from the NPCs, which, if accomplished, can unlock some clothes. There are two ways to play: either with the Wii Remote & the Nunchuk, or with the Wii Balance Board. But you still have to use the combo WiiMote & Nunchuk with the Balance Board, as they simulate the sticks.


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Game Information

Nintendo Wii
Bandai Namco
Bandai Namco
NA Release Date
March 3, 2009
JP Release Date
November 13, 2008
EUR Release Date
February 27, 2009
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