Silver on Sega Dreamcast

As it was before, so it shall always be. There is a balance to good and evil. A balance that at this very moment has been disrupted. Recorded here is the tale of good and evil, in the world of Jarrah and beyond. This is your story; pay heed to what is writ.

The world of Jarrah is divided into eight isles that radiate from a center island called the Haven. They are linked together by bridges forming a grand wheel. It was once a tranquil land, full of peace and harmony, until Silver came to power.

Ruling from the blood-isle of Metalon, Silver has brought a darkness to the world; one in which people would rather face death than be at Silver's "tender" mercies. The depth of his evil and depravity know no bounds. He has command over the eight isles but it is not enough. He has made demonic deals with otherworldly beasts in order to increase his power beyond this world. The time is now.

He is not alone in his evil. At his right hand rests his son, Fuge. Through Fuge's vicious blood rage, Silver's will is enforced across the land. To mention Fuge's name strikes fear in all around, but he is not the only hand. At Silver's left hand rests his daughter, Glass. She is a witch with power beyond imagine. She has twisted her realm into an icy hell.

Far from Silver's terror, deep in the forests of Verdante, lies a small village. It is one of the last places of peace. A young man, who will be a hero, and his wife, who will force him into battle, live here. The young man, David, was raised by his grandfather, a battled, weary soldier full of wisdom and honor. He has been patient with David, teaching lessons of war and honor because he knew that someday David would fight for all he holds precious in this world of chaos.

In Silver by Infogrames, you play as David, a young man forced into a war for the woman he loves, as well as his very world. In order to save both his wife and his world, he must find the eight magic orbs. Each orb serves a different magic: fire, ice and so on. They can also be used as great weapons or as powerful defenses, depending on the type. In the end, these will help you destroy Silver.

The game offers real-time combat with some turn-based play. In its top-down view, prepare to travel through the eight isles and beyond. Along the way, you will meet other people who will join you in your quest. Gather money, items and both magical and melee weapons, and equip your war party. You must solve puzzles, find keys and destroy all who stand in your way. Nothing must stop you from defeating Silver and getting back your wife Jennifer.

As it was in the past, so shall it be now. There must always be a balance of good and evil. Is your love strong enough to restore it?



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Game Information

Sega Dreamcast
Action, RPG
NA Release Date
June 29, 2000
EUR Release Date
June 23, 2000
ESRB Rating
PEGI Rating
MVGL User Score
6.0 by 1 User(s)
MVGL Difficulty Rating
Dean Evans
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