Rock of Ages on Xbox 360

In Rock of Ages the player takes the role of a rock who battles against famous figures of world history. The background story is about Sisyphus who got into conflict with Kronus, but there is no actual story development during the game. However, one motivational factor are the humorous cutscenes before every mission which introduce the next enemy, e.g. Sokrates or Ludwig XIV. The covered time periods reach from ancient Greek to Romanticism.

The goal is to destroy the city gate of the opponent before he can reach the own. To do so, the player controls the rock on the course while avoiding or destroying obstacles on the way. However, this is only half of the task: before the attacking phase stands the building phase. Here the player constructs the obstacles before the own gate to slow the opponent down. Obstacles are purchased with money which is earned by destroying things during the attack. Alternatively the money can also be invested into bonuses, e.g.the ability to double jump.

Besides the campaign there is also a time mode (finding the shortest route without having to deal with obstacles) and a high score mode.



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Xbox 360
ACE Team
Tower Defense
NA Release Date
May 15, 2012
JP Release Date
October 9, 2013
EUR Release Date
August 1, 2012
ESRB Rating
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CERO Rating
MVGL User Score
7.7 by 3 User(s)
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