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Wireless port of the classic 2D shooter. The goal of Gradius is the same of any shooter -- destroy everything on-screen. But Gradius makes this formula fresh by offering a then (and still) innovative special weapons select that allows you to upgrade your ship on the fly. As you pick up power-ups, a bar on the bottom of your screen becomes active. Each power-up advances the selection of the bar. If you want to upgrade speed, press "5" when the "SPD" option is lit. If you want lasers, collect several power-ups to move the selection highlight over. Gradius even includes the "options" that flank your ship on each side, blasting out the same weapons your craft uses. For an incredible powerhouse, try to get two options with lasers. Goose your speed a couple times and the enemy doesn't have a chance.


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Upstart Games, Konami
Upstart Games, Konami
NA Release Date
July 1, 2004
MVGL User Score

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Zx Spectrum TurboGrafx-16 Sharp X68000 Nintendo NES Nintendo Wii Nintendo 3DS Nintendo Wii U MSX Commodore 64 Arcade

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