Lost Dimension on Sony PS Vita

13 days until the world ends.

The destruction and carnage caused by the man who calls himself "The End", and the "Pillar", a giant tower that appeared from another dimension.
The End makes his declaration to the world: "If you wish to stop me, then you must kill me. Kill among yourselves, and ascend the Pillar...!"
Thus, between The End and the key to saving the world, a group of psychics known as SEALED, begins.

● Defeat "The End" alongside SEALED members who have various "Gifts"!
The members of the special task force assembled by the Un in order to stop The End each have a special ability known as "Gifts". Master various kinds of Gifts in order to conquer the Pillar!

● Find the traitor that hides among your members!
A trap set by The End. He claims that there are traitors among the members of SEALED. You must avoid his trap by finding out who the traitors are within your team and "Erase" them. The identity of the traitor will change depending on your actions. Challenge yourself with an unpredictable story.

● There is a price to pay in order to ascend the Pillar... you must Erase your comrades!
In order to ascend the Pillar, you must erase someone. If a character that is powerful in battle is Erased, your fighting potential will be affectes. Who you keep, and who you erase will change the course of the story...


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Game Information

Sony PS Vita
FuRyu, Lancarse
RPG, Strategy
NA Release Date
July 28, 2015
JP Release Date
August 7, 2014
EUR Release Date
August 28, 2015
AUS Release Date
September 10, 2015
ESRB Rating
PEGI Rating
CERO Rating
ACB Rating
MVGL User Score
7.3 by 17 User(s)
MVGL Difficulty Rating
Medium by 3 User(s)
Official Website
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36 User(s)

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