Nintendo 3DS

PICROSS e8 Nintendo 3DS

The 8th game in the Picross e series! The newest version of the series, withall the functions of previous titles! It retains all the functions of Picross e7, with all new puzzles. Enjoy Picross in a comfortable play environment refined from all the previous series. Picross is a "Picture Crossword Puzzle Game" where numbers act as hints to complete images.The rules are simple and easy to grasp....

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PICROSS e7 Nintendo 3DS

The 7th game in the Picross e series, with a Navigation Feature! The first game with 20x15-size Mega Picross puzzles. The new Mark function lets you leave indicators on squares you aren't sure about, without risking a penalty. Also, new Switch stylus controls allow you to switch input modes just by pressing the Circle Pad or +Control Pad once! Picross is a "Picture Crossword Puzzle Game" where...

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PICROSS e6 Nintendo 3DS

The 6th game in the Picross e series, with a Navigation Feature! The rules are simple and easy to grasp. Anyone can do it! ● New to this title, each puzzle can be played in either Picross or Mega Picross mode! ● Enjoy over 300 puzzles, including special puzzles. ● You can also choose the fill animation for the puzzle screen. ● Picross is a "Picture Crossword Puzzle Game"...

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Picross 3D: Round 2

Picross 3D: Round 2 Nintendo 3DS

Chip away at a three-dimensional block puzzle to reveal the object hidden within. Enjoy more than 300 puzzles at the Café or even tap compatible amiibo figures to solve more puzzles! In the Café, the more puzzles you complete, the more that open up to play. Accomplish certain objectives and you’ll earn even more. You can choose between difficulty levels for each one, but no matter...

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Detective Pikachu

Detective Pikachu Nintendo 3DS

A special Pikachu and his friend Tim uncover the mysteries of Ryme City in Detective Pikachu for systems in the Nintendo 3DS family. This Pikachu is unlike any other—the gruff Pokémon talks tough, loves strong coffee, and boasts about his brilliance as a wannabe great detective. Side by side, Tim and Pikachu will search for clues and talk to witnesses to investigate the disappearance of...

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Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario Bros. 3 Nintendo 3DS

Relive the classic that brought renowned power-ups such as the Tanooki Suit to the world of Super Mario Bros.! Available now, play one of the greatest Super Mario Bros. games of all time. Available on Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Bowser and the Koopalings are causing chaos yet again, but this time they’re going beyond the Mushroom Kingdom into the seven worlds that neighbor...

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Tales of the World: Reve Unitia

Tales of the World: Reve Unitia Nintendo 3DS

The game takes place in a dream world known as Revalia, fueled by the dreams of its inhabitants. The Rufres tribe maintains balance in the world by fighting the Vuul, manifestations of darkness that dwell in the hearts of Revalia's inhabitants. Normally, people known as Dreamcatchers fight against these Vuul, but they have somehow mysteriously disappeared. Desperate, the Rufres decide to summon people from what...

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Steel Diver: Sub Wars

Steel Diver: Sub Wars Nintendo 3DS

This strategic first-person shooter is the successor to Steel Diver. It features more tactical action game play than typical shooters, as players are asked to navigate heavy-duty submarines while staying one step ahead of their enemies. People can compete in local four-on-four team sub battles and go online to battle submariners from around the world (as long as each person downloads the game for him-...

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3D Puyo Puyo Tsū

3D Puyo Puyo Tsū Nintendo 3DS

The object of this head-to-head puzzle game is to clear your grid of falling patterns called puyos by forming chains of four or more same-colored puyos in a straight line or one of several geometric patterns. What makes this a challenging two-player contest is the fact that when you clear a chain of puyos from your grid, it drops a random piece of filler onto...

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Bugs vs. Tanks!

Bugs vs. Tanks! Nintendo 3DS

Comcept's Keiji Inafune, whose work on MEGA MAN, Onimusha, and DEAD RISING have brought him international fame and acclaim, introduces BUGS vs. TANKS!, an action shooter set in World War II. Players will take on the role of a WWII panzer squad that has been shrunk to the size of a bug and find themselves engaged in heated battles against swarms of giant insects as...

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Fire Emblem Fates: Special Edition

Fire Emblem Fates: Special Edition Nintendo 3DS

Developed by the same team that created Fire Emblem Awakening, the new adventure adds challenges never before seen in the series and asks players to make decisions that will affect the game’s world in new ways. For the first time in the series, players take on the role of the main character and command an army, while struggling to decide which path to follow: helping...

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One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP2

One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP2 Nintendo 3DS

One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP2 lets players choose from more than 12 of their favourite characters to play as and over 15 boss characters from the original anime series to do battle with. In this epic adventure, One Piece fans set sail on the seven seas to discover new islands brimming with adventure. When the only choice is to stand and fight, players will pull, turn...

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One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP

One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP Nintendo 3DS

In One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP, the motley crew of Straw Hat Pirates found aboard the Thousand Sunny ship, the ship of 1,000 seas, to go to sea and visit a number of mysterious islands and begin their fantastic adventures. Playing with Nintendo 3DS players will immerse themselves in an unforgettable adventure visiting dimensional Famous One Piece Battle as Marineford. Along the way, the game's...

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One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X

One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X Nintendo 3DS

One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X is a Nintendo 3DS game published by Bandai and developed by Ganbarion, and it's the sequel to the Grand Battle! and Gigant Battle series. It seems to focus on the New World and more than 85 of its characters. The game is a possible throwback to the 2D-based Grand Battle games, in which as styled akin to the Gigant...

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My Hero Academia: Battle for All

My Hero Academia: Battle for All Nintendo 3DS

My Hero Academia: Battle for All is a hero action game for the Nintendo 3DS developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It was released in 2016 for Japan only. People who purchased the first edition of the game received two cards for My Hero Academia: Clash! Heroes Battle. The game follows the manga and anime story up until the Sports Festival Arc....

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Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure

Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure Nintendo 3DS

Puzzle fans, here's your fix: the ultimate Dr. Mario game—on the go! Play classic-style, Dr. Luigi-style, or in Virus Buster mode, using new power-ups called Miracle Cures that will have you and your friends wiping out those pesky viruses like the doc himself. Dr. Mario is back with a new arsenal of treatments. In the Miracle Cure Laboratory, you'll take on preset challenges with normal, two-sided...

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Bravely Second: The Ballad of the Three Cavaliers

Bravely Second: The Ballad of the Three Cavaliers Nintendo 3DS

A pre-launch demo focusing on the Three Cavaliers – Yew Geneolgia, Janne Angard, and Nikolai Nikolanikov – acted as a prelude to the adventure, and even allowed players to unlock rewards in the full version of the game, depending on their progress in the demo. The demo was available in the Nintendo eShop. In Bravely Second: Ballad of the Three Cavaliers, Her Holiness Agnés Oblige tasks...

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The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons Nintendo 3DS

Transform the world around you with the Rod of Seasons, and create order from chaos. Stop a power-hungry general named Onox, and rescue Din, the Oracle of Seasons, to save the troubled land of Holodrum. Change the seasons to overcome puzzling obstacles. If Link finds a small plant at the bottom of a cliff, change the season to summer, and Link can use the newly grown...

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The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages Nintendo 3DS

Transcend the very fabric of time with the Harp of Ages. Rescue Nayru, the Oracle of Ages, to save the Land of Labrynna from Veran, Sorceress of Shadows, who will pitch the world into an endless night. Travelling through time presents Link with unique challenges. If a river blocks Link's path in the present, he can travel to the past and move a stone, redirecting the...

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The Seven Deadly Sins: Unjust Sin

The Seven Deadly Sins: Unjust Sin Nintendo 3DS

The Seven Deadly Sins: Unjust Sin「七つの大罪 真実の冤罪アンジャスト・シン Nanatsu no Taizai Shinjitsu no Enzai (Anjasuto Shin)」 is an adventure game, based on the manga and anime series Nanatsu no Taizai, developed by Bandai Namco Games for the Nintendo 3DS. Playable characters include; Meliodas, Diane, Ban, King, Gowther, and Hawk....

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Hot Wheels: World's Best Driver

Hot Wheels: World's Best Driver Nintendo 3DS

Do you have what it takes to be the World's Best Driver? Gear up for the most intense challenges only Hot Wheels can deliver! Pick your team, choose your ride and go for it! Get behind the wheel of thrilling Hot Wheels vehicles while joining the elite ranks of Team Hot Wheels. Compete in dozens of unique, fast-paced, re-playable challenges all highlighting the different driving styles...

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Super Famicom Wars

Super Famicom Wars Nintendo 3DS

You control an army of modern units against an opposing army of similar units. Each unit can be disposed and replaced, and each unit does not have a unique and individual background. The game is a tactical role-playing game. Since it was originally released on the satellite system, some things had to be omitted such as multiplayer modes, a campaign, and even a story....

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Famicom Wars

Famicom Wars Nintendo 3DS

Famicom Wars is a wargame produced by Nintendo. Players take control of one of two warring nations, Red Star and Blue Moon, as they seek to establish turn-based dominance over each other. After selecting which stage to start the game and setting which, if either, player will be controlled by a person, the Red Star army is given the first turn. The objective in each stage...

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Pokémon Crystal Version

Pokémon Crystal Version Nintendo 3DS

Pokémon Crystal is back and brimming with new features Originally released for the Game Boy Color system in 2000, the Pokémon Crystal game added several new features to the Pokémon franchise. For the first time, players could choose a female or male character, Pokémon battles featured animation, and more. And now, this Virtual Console release invites you to explore the Johto region again—or for the first...

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Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion

Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion Nintendo 3DS

Mysterious forces are at work when worlds collide and the casts of eleven of the biggest Cartoon Network shows battle one another in this all-star brawler! Play as 18 of your favorite Cartoon Network characters based on your favorite show, and look out for cameos from an additional 19 characters who jump in and assist in combat!...

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Catrap Nintendo 3DS

Banished to a mysterious underground labyrinth of complex mazes, two explorers are faced with one chance to reverse the curse: solve all 100 puzzles set out in mazes before them. But watch it! Every maze has monsters patrolling the depths of the labyrinth. Help Catgirl and Catboy push around huge blocks to bridge a path to yet another maze, or topple a block a few...

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3D Altered Beast

3D Altered Beast Nintendo 3DS

Enter a time when men were warriors and Gods ruled the world. A time of good against evil, a place of danger. Summoned by Zeus to rescue Athena, you will infiltrate the Underworld with the power to transform into mythical creatures with supernatural strength. Level 1: Become a savage Werewolf and use teeth and nails to shred your enemies to pieces. Capture 3 of the...

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Culdcept Revolt

Culdcept Revolt Nintendo 3DS

As the series celebrates its 20th Anniversary, the addictive card game-meets-board game is back, bigger and better than ever with hundreds of new cards, inventive boards, and exciting multiplayer. Follow Allen, a new recruit for the rebel Free Bat forces as you fight for freedom from the tyranny of Count. Build your deck, create new strategies, and dominate the board in Culdcept Revolt! With all...

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Cars 2

Cars 2 Nintendo 3DS

Based on Pixar's computer animated film, Cars 2 follows the exploits of car characters Lightning McQueen and Mater as they train in a secret facility known as CHROME, short for Command Headquarters for Recon Operations and Motorized Espionage. They are joined by Finn McMissile and Holley Shiftwell as they attempt to become the car-equivalent of spies. Up to 4 players can race in the game, which...

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3D OutRun

3D OutRun Nintendo 3DS

Brace yourself for the most realistic racing experience yet. And to play, you've got to have what it takes: NERVE, SKILL and BRAINS. NERVE - you're behind the wheel of a supertuned race car with one speed only: fast. SKILL - you're manoeuvring a car that can nearly reach a simulated 270 KMH. BRAINS - because you're in control of your car's speed and handling...

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Super Robot Taisen UX

Super Robot Taisen UX Nintendo 3DS

Super Robot Taisen UX is the first Super Robot Taisen game to be developed for the Nintendo 3DS. It will be the first entry on Nintendo handhelds to utilize voice acting. Players who purchase a first-run copy of the game will receive downloadable Tsume Super Robo missions. Like other recent entries in the series, UX marks the debut of several newer series; SD Gundam debuts with...

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Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA

Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA Nintendo 3DS

Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA is a 3DS game published by Kadokawa Games in 2014 based on the anime series. It was originally supposed to come out in 2013 with first anime but was delayed so much that it came out alongside the second season. The game came in regular and limited editions. The game is an arena fighter where the player alternates between melee attacks and light...

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IronFall: Invasion

IronFall: Invasion Nintendo 3DS

IronFall: Invasion is a thrilling third-person shooter. Equipped with an arsenal of destructive weapons, take cover and repel an invasion of Alien Robots. IronFall: Invasion is divided into two separate modes, which can be tried for free and purchased separately! The "Campaign" mode is a single-player adventure, which will have you travel from various locations over 11 levels. The "Multiplayer" mode allows up to 6 players to join...

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Nintendo Pocket Football Club

Nintendo Pocket Football Club Nintendo 3DS

Head up your own football team and shoot for the top! Nintendo Pocket Football Club puts you in the managers seat at your very own football club, only on Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS. Can you keep the crowds chanting and guide your pint-sized players from the lower leagues to the wonders of the world stage? As manager, train up your players and choose your tactics...

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WWE All Stars

WWE All Stars Nintendo 3DS

WWE All Stars is an over-the-top, arcade-style beat-down featuring the WWE's past and present superstars of the ring. WWE All Stars delivers one of the greatest rosters ever assembled in a wrestling-centric videogame. Renowned WWE Legends will align with today’s most prominent WWE Superstars, inviting players to generate fantasy matches and ultimately determine the greatest competitors of all time. In addition, each WWE Legend and...

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Runbow Nintendo 3DS

Get ready to Runbow! Runbow is a fast-paced action party game for up to 9 players! The world changes with each swipe of the background colour and if you can't see something it doesn't exist! Players can go head-to-head in Run, Arena, King of the Hill, and ColourMaster, or hone their skills on their own in Adventure or The Bowhemoth. Six Great Game Modes – Challenge friends...

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Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet

Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet Nintendo 3DS

Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet continues the excitement of the original Marvel Super Hero Squad with an all-new storyline that follows Season 2 of the hit animated TV series as shown on Cartoon Network. Players can "Hero Up" with friends in cooperative play master the unique Factor Power of each of the Marvel heroes in three game modes: Story Mode, Freeplay Mode and...

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Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Nintendo 3DS

Where two worlds collide! Explore two unique worlds as your favorite TRANSFORMERS characters from TRANSFORMERS: Age of Extinction and Cybertron universes! -Includes Over 40 playable characters from two different universes! -Change Form Anytime: Effortlessly switch between robot and vehicle form! -Beyond the Movie: Weave your way through Earth and Cybertron universes in an unforgettable battle to secure the Dark Spark. -Epic Multiplayer Battles: Expanded four-player co-op online escalation mode with...

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Marvel Pinball 3D

Marvel Pinball 3D Nintendo 3DS

Join Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, and Blade on four pinball tables powered by the dazzling Pinball FX 2 engine. Use your pinball wizardry to save the world from the most notorious super villains, and relive the greatest moments of the classic Marvel Universe in an epic pinball adventure! Spider-Man Table: The likeable wallcrawler battles some of his most fiendish nemeses in a table featuring wacky ramps...

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Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology Nintendo 3DS

It's been six years since Radiant Historia was released on Nintendo DS in 2011, but it's time to return to Vainqueur and unlock the time traveling power of the White Chronicle once again in Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology. This beloved classic is an expanded 3DS port of the original game that will contain a great deal of added gameplay/story content, updated presentation, and new ways...

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Moco Moco Friends

Moco Moco Friends Nintendo 3DS

Welcome to the world of Dreamtopia, a world that’s almost, but not quite, like Earth. In Dreamtopia, plush animal creatures called Plushkins roam free and co-exist with humans. Plushkin Masters are held in high regard throughout the land. A Plushkin Master can wield magic, and use their control of the energy known as Dreamtropy in order to befriend Plushkins. Every year, numerous young girls attend the...

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The Legend of Dark Witch 2: The Price of Desire

The Legend of Dark Witch 2: The Price of Desire Nintendo 3DS

The Legend of Dark Witch 2 retains its simple controls and enough challenges to satisfy the completist. The Legend of Dark Witch 2 is a 2D action story sequel to "The Legend of Dark Witch". True to its predecessor, Legend of the Dark Witch 2 retains its simple controls and enough challenges to satisfy the completist. Players have 8 stages to choose from and must use SHOTs...

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The Legend of Dark Witch

The Legend of Dark Witch Nintendo 3DS

Syega Crystals gave their powers to the people of the world, but somebody has stolen all of them... After all the Syega crystals are missing, the world plunges into darkness. As the dark witch Zizou, you must retrieve the missing Syega Crystals. The Legend of Dark Witch is a 2D platform action game. Zizou can learn new attacks by defeating bosses. She will need every one of...

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Persona Q 2

Persona Q 2 Nintendo 3DS

Persona Q 2 (working title) is an RPG for the Nintendo 3DS and a sequel to Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. It will be based on Persona 5....

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Fairune 2

Fairune 2 Nintendo 3DS

Fairune2 is a fantasy puzzle-solving adventure RPG. Which has you explore the map by solving puzzles, tricks and beating monsters. You are requested by the mysterious book that can say where to find the lost fairy. In this adventure, you encounter the wonderful girl that may lead you to the truth of the world. With much greater content than the prequel game, the power-up 8-bit taste graphics...

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Fairune Nintendo 3DS

A girl has been chosen to become a heroine. An adventure filled with mystery awaits her. Are you ready to embark on a mission to find the powerful lost icons? To free your home from the threat of terrible monsters? Travel around the world fighting the monsters, but don't forget about all the discoverable items that’ll give you extra power. And watch carefully for hints that...

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Plantera Nintendo 3DS

Welcome to Plantera! In the world of Plantera you grow your own garden and breed plants and animals to earn coins with their produce. Use the coins to buy new plants and animals, and also special items and garden expansions. Watch everything grow, help planting and harvesting, buy new things, and defend your garden from sneaky magpies, rabbits, foxes, and wolves. Raise your level and the...

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SkyPeace Nintendo 3DS

Exhilarating and easy action! Soar away into the sky at full speed! SkyPeace is a high-speed action game where you clear stages by carefully avoiding the enemies that appear. ● Feel refreshed using simple maneuvers to get tons of coins! ● Collect consecutive coins to trigger a combo, and string together combos to get a hi-score. ● Also enjoy a different challenge by earning achievements through a variety...

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Hidden Expedition: Titanic

Hidden Expedition: Titanic Nintendo 3DS

On April 14, 1912, the great steamship RMS Titanic struck an iceberg and within hours it sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. As part of the Hidden Expedition Adventure League, it's your job to explore the wreckage of this once-majestic ship and collect antique artifacts for the Titanic Museum. Through 14 diving missions you will scour 17 locations on the ship for cleverly-hidden...

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Kutar Tube Rider

Kutar Tube Rider Nintendo 3DS

Kutar is the character who has an incredible expressionless emotions that can't be distinguished by laughing or crying. Kutar is not a dog, cat or bear. Kutar is always Kutar no matter where he is going or doing. Though being so expressionless, when Kutar wants to laugh, cry, love or be angry, all feelings are still very ordinary. No matter what happenes, the emotions will not changed. Even...

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