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October 16, 2021 @ 8:33 am
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The Need for Speed

The Need for Speed PlayStation 1

GAMEPLAY: Fairly standard racing game you would expect for the 90's, pick a car, pick a track and race against 5 other AI cars or invite a friend over for a head to head split screen race or against AI. The Need for Speed gives you 4 different modes to pick from: Tournament - self explanatory, you race against different tracks competing with other AI in a tournament in different classes of cars. Quick Race - your original arcade race where you can pick from a range of cars from different classes and choose the AI cars you want to race and on what track with the ability to pick how many laps you want to race and what time of day. Head-to-head, 1v1 against the AI and Time Trial which allows you to set the fastest time against pre-set times or just drive around in circles with no competition if...

The Ultimate Doom

The Ultimate Doom PC

GAMEPLAY: Simple and basic. Run and gun around the map killing various enemies with a variety of weapons from your fists to rocket launchers. Basic puzzle solving, having to collect keycards to progress through the level, doesn't offer anymore than that. I recommend playing the Steam version as Bethesda has introduced full keyboard and mouse control that wasn't present in the original game. STORY: Can't give it below a 5 since it's not bad as there really isn't a story apart from the ending title giving you a glimpse of what happened in the episode you completed and to check out the next episodes for more action packed levels. GRAPHICS & VISUALS: Dated for today's standards but Bethesda managed to improve the game's looks by uncapping the framerate to 60fps+ depending on your monitor's refresh rate, upscaling the visuals to modern resoltuions such as 1080p HD. Few changes here and there such as changing...

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