Video games are a huge part of my life, and have been for as long as I can remember.

My Rating System Explained

10 (God-Tier) - The absolute pinnacle of the medium. Perfect in every way - story, setting, game design, gameplay and presentation. Greatness. halo3

9 (Fantastic) - Lower-tier favorites. Amazing games that I love dearly but wouldn't put on as high of a pedestal as they don't reach the artistic heights or pinnacle of perfection that games I consider to be a 10 do. skyrim

8 (Great) - The best a game can be without being considered an all-time favorite of mine. The kind of games that surpass expectations and stick in the back of your mind, and keep you coming back for more. Extremely impressive and memorable, among the best of a year or even a generation. A must-own. halo3odst

7 (Good) - Balances positives and flaws heavily, but its positives eventually come out on top in the end. Worth buying and playing. Overall very solid and recommendable. tombraider

6 (Decent) - Games that offer a somewhat rewarding experience and maybe worth going back and playing once in a while if you own them, but don't offer much besides that. Worth owning and playing, but don't go out of your way to get your hands on them. Probably disappointing and/or lacking in content. Could've been much greater. destiny

5 (Generic) - Disposable games that are fun to play in the right mood or with friends but otherwise will just collect dust on the shelf. Neither good nor bad. Ultimately unfulfilling but still fun in the most primitive sense of what makes games fun. wiisports

4 (Meh) - Games that don't appeal to me and I might even consider overrated. They're not necessarily outright bad and I can recognize their strengths and why others might like them, but just not for me at all. Probably found some enjoyment in them, but overall I'd rather be playing something else. gta5

3 (Bad) - Not only do these games not appeal to me, I consider them to be just bad and don't see how anyone could enjoy playing it. Maybe has some redeeming quality or aspect to it, but otherwise leaves me wondering how games like this even get made. doom

2 (Horrible) - Bottom-of-the-barrel garbage. No redeeming qualities whatsoever. Doesn't do anything that other games do better. A complete waste of time. assassinscreedunity

1 (Abomination) - Games that are not only awful but offend me by their very existence. Just thinking about these games is enough to piss me off. halo5


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