Hi! I'm Sen. I'm a huge ass gamer (surprise?). I've been a huge Playstation fan. I have pretty much all of the Playstation consoles! Right now, my Vita and PS4 are my babies.

Video games helps me relax and chill with my friends who are 13627 miles away. It helps with my anxiety! Overall, I enjoy a good story, music, and characters!

Favorite genre: JRPG, RPG, Visual Novels + Otome, Action, Adventure

Favorite games: Assassin's Creed series, Yakuza series, Persona series, RDR2, Marvel's Spider-Man, GOW, Monster Hunter: World

NOTE: my list isn't 100% up-to-date due to the sheer amount of games I have or is in my backlog. I tend to switch back and forth between games, too. So my list is NOT always accurate.


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