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•Favorite games (in order) and score:

1 -Doki Doki Literature Club (PC/Steam); score: 10/10

2 -Mega Man X4 (Playstation); score: 10/10

3 -Sonic Adventure 2 (PC/Steam); score: 10/10

4 -Castlevania Aria of Sorrow (Game Boy Advance); score: 10/10

5 -Metal Slug X (Neo Geo); score: 10/10

6 -Castle Crashers (PC/Steam); score: 10/10

7 -Mega Man X6 (Playstation); score: 10/10

8 -Mega Man X (Snes); score: 10/10

9 -Mega Man X2 (Snes); score: 10/10

10 -Mega Man X3 (Snes); score: 10/10

11 -Mega Man X5 (Playstation); score: 10/10

12 -Sonic Adventure DX (PC/Steam); score: 10/10

13 -Metal Slug 3 (Neo Geo); score: 10/10

14 -Metal Slug (Neo Geo); score: 10/10

15 -Dragon Ball Advance Adventure (GBA); score: 10/10

16 -Sonic CD (PC/Steam); score: 10/10

17 -You Have To Win The Game (PC/Steam); score: 10/10

18 -Khimera Destroy All Monstet Girls (PC/Steam); score: 9/10

19 -Brawlhalla (PC/Steam); score: 9/10

20 -Spark: The Eletric Jester (PC/Steam); score: 9/10

21 -Metal Slug 2 (Neo Geo); score 9/10

22 -Metal Slug 5 (Neo Geo); score: 9/10

23 -Metal Slug 4 (Neo Geo); score: 9/10

24 -Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers (Mega Drive); score: 9/10

25 -Street Fighter 2: Special Champion Edition (Mega Drive); score: 9/10

26 -Virtua Fightet 2 (Mega Drive); score: 9/10

27 -Counter Strike: Condition Zero (PC/Steam); score: 9/10

28 -Counter Strike 1.6 (PC/Steam); score: 9/10

29 -Teen Titans (Game Boy Advance); score: 9/10

30 -Super Blue Boy Planet (PC/Steam); score: 9/10

•Favorite franchise (in order):

1 -Mega Man X;

2 -Sonic (jogos em geral);

3 -Metal Slug.

*Essa lista de jogos favoritos em ordem está em produção ainda...não tem todos aqui ainda.


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