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Max Payne 3

Max Payne 3 PC

While i can understand why those who were massive fans of the original Max Payne games by Remedy with the very different settings, direction, music and a lot of other elements that made those games fantastic in their own way (and are still great games anyway that have aged superbly for the time in their own right) and while i can see people not enjoying MP3 as a Max Payne game, i will make this clear: This is still a fantastic game and honestly in terms of quality i think honestly surpasses the originals. While next to everything in this game was different from the originals such as again the visuals, the music and so-on i found next to all of the new things and the old tricks still in to be absolutely incredibly well done to make one of the most well crafted and satisfying third person shooters ever. The settings...

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