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March 05, 2017 @ 3:32 pm
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Mass Effect

Mass Effect PC

Mass Effect sets the stage for one of the most fleshed out sci-fi epics ever created in the video game world, in a brand new universe of intriguing history, varied and enigmatic alien races, and intergalactic threats. The entire story of Mass Effect revolves around YOU: you are Shepherd, a male or female ship commander who bears the first name of your choice and looks how you want her/him to. You determine some details of Shepherd's backstory, and then the decisions you make in the game define who your character becomes. The story revolves around an ancient synthetic-organic race called the Reapers that aim to destroy humanity by returning to the present day through a Mass Effect (hehe) Relay, with the help of a robotic race of machines called the Geth. Yeah, the basic premise of the story has been done before a hundred times over, but Mass Effect doesn't distract you...

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