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We're a gaming network for true old school gamers. We love both retro games, as well as modern material. Our main focus and goal is to partner with small and large channels that have quality and prominence, and in greater depth of disclosure reach new heights together. Contact us for partnership, and if your channel is accepted, we'll share your work on our official YouTube channel and social networks, besides receiving all our perks.

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No flood, no piracy.
No spam, racism, pornography, hatred, etc.
Be respectful to other members.
Do not make disclosure without permission.
Do not make post of buy, sell and trade.
Only posts about games are allowed.
Do not make multiple post of same thing.
If you break a rule, you will be permanently banned.

📝 Partnership requirements:
Have a channel with average retro content.
Have a banner, thumbnails and custom logo.
Have a good channel description and videos.
Associate our social networks with your video descriptions.

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