Game Review - Life is Strange on Playstation 3

Written by Viking1986 on June 01, 2017 @ 5:39 am

In short; I would describe ‘Life is Strange’ as Thirteen Reasons Why meets The Butterfly Effect. Interesting right? I would say it is! I know what you’re thinking, it’s only 5 episodes, but each episode contains at least 3 hours of gameplay! If that’s caught your attention, then read on!

You incarnate Maxine Caufield, a photography student of Blackwell Academy in Arcadia Bay, Oregon. During one of her photography classes she foresees a storm heading towards her beloved town, and with the use of her ‘secret power’ it is her duty to prevent it from destroying her town. Alongside the protagonist you discover her ‘secret power ‘which allows her to rewind time, making every choice to create a butterfly effect, as well as allowing the player to look at the several options before deciding which is ‘best’.

There is an immense amount of background story that you can discover as you play, you are fully submerged into Maxine’s life, as you embody her, you can see that she is a very shy, quirky, awkward and an introverted individual and as you play on you can go through her Diary containing, around 60 pages, as well using other mediums, such as social media, as well as her mobile phone, you can see she is smart and defies high school stereotypes. So what would you do? When left with the option; to either stand up to your bullies or let yourself get bullied whichever choice you choose, don’t forget, there are consequences!

As you progress in the game you are reunited with your childhood BFF, Chloe Price, who turns out to be the total opposite to Maxine, very extroverted, delinquent and drug user, I won’t lie sometimes the stereotypes are a bit corny. However after bonding and catching up, the duo find themselves investigating the disappearance of fellow student Rachel Amber and in the process uncover the secret that lie in Arcadia Bay. The chemistry between the dynamic duo, Max and Chloe, is intense and they complete each other and are there for another it is so well described that it will leave players strongly attached to them.

The ending is predictable and although every decision you make has an effect on you and/or other characters in Arcadia Bay there are too few actual significant big impact decision that have a devastating effect.

For those searching for a game with a challenge I suggest you pass on this one, as there is no difficulty nor do you have a life bar, and if there are moments where you could ‘die’ well you simply rewind. If you’re someone who loves to get trophies without too much effort well this is a game for you as there aren’t any demanding ones complete episodes and take specific pictures.

Finally.. the soundtrack is epic!!! A mixture of folk/indie clearly blends in perfectly in that scenes, as well as instrumental part by Jonathan Morali.

I managed to get it on PSN during a sale. I do believe it is available free on playstation plus for PS4 users (June 2017) so you don't really have any excuses.. just get it!

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Playstation 3
Dontnod Entertainment
Square Enix
NA Release Date
January 30, 2015
EUR Release Date
January 30, 2015
AUS Release Date
January 30, 2015
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Jonathan Morali
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