Game Review - Agents of Mayhem on PC

Written by HyperDebtRay on April 05, 2018 @ 9:46 am

It's like a cross between Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Saint's Row and Grand Theft Auto and this game does not do anything better than any them.

Gameplay is most similar to Bioware games matching up specific agent specializations against enemy Shields, Armor and Health. Against a backdrop of an open-world Seoul, against other open-world games it is actually quite small laterally but it makes it up with vertical height of the map.

What's great is that each agent is unique with their own personality, skills, abilities, playstyle and customizable skins. There is a great amount of gameplay customization where you can compose your own team of 3 agents each with the ability to customize even further with Gadgets and Legion Tech.

The only area of the game that is actually memorable are the boss fights and the last 25% of the game that broke out of its mediocrity and had a personality of its own. Sadly they couldn't apply this to the rest of the game.

There are many bad design decisions in this game.

A lot of the activities and missions are very repetitive, often using Legion Lairs as the staging ground for the current task. There is very little variation in these "lairs" telling you to go to the next room and either clear out the enemies, hack some consoles or wreck some shit.

For open world gameplay there is very little incentive to actual make an effort to capture Legion outposts aside from farming exp. The reason for this is that once you finish capturing the outpost, the game will retake your newly liberated area after an hour or two.

The character script writing is just so horribly bad that every time time I hear the characters talking I cringe, I'm talking about maximum cringe. It's like Volition had a diversity checklist, went down the list and checkmarked everything off without thinking about the gamers that have supported their Saint's Row series.

A butch black lesbian marine in an interracial workplace romance with the operator, check.
An insane german football fanatic with anger management issues, check.
An indian with a laughably bad accent, check
A sikh, check
An italian, toss in two, check
A scotsman, check
A tattooed booze-hound giantess with a giant minigun, check
A middle eastern ninja, check
A black jamaican super cyborg, check
An annoying AI in the vehicle you're driving so it bugs the hell out of you, check
A cringe inducing tech engineer

I'm all for diversity but when you force diversity like this instead of making it an organic part of quality script writing you get a shit game with a shit cast of characters. Don't tell me it can't be done because Bioware successfully has done this in games before Andromeda.

Spare yourselves the cringe by playing something with better quality script writing with the aforementioned games in the beginning of the review.


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Deep Silver
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August 15, 2017
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August 15, 2017
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August 15, 2017
AUS Release Date
August 15, 2017
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Malcolm Kirby Jr.
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