Game Review - WWII: Soldier on PlayStation 2

Written by JackTG on August 21, 2018 @ 10:58 am

Have played this embodying shit before ? If you did , you absolutely made a sin like me . I found it for 1 dollar and brand new, from the first view i thought this game may be good to try , but indeed ,it was the moment when i made the crime, I was mistaken because when i tried the game i was shocked not because this game is so terrible but because the 1 dollar that i spent.. WWII: SOLDIER is extremely a shame upon the ps2 history if it is not in the whole gaming history .i gave it 2 out of 10 due to the following reasons . . First , It is broken and very cheap with the ps1 visual style . besides, the title itself is rediculously geniric, the game could be beaten in 1 hour or less and has only 7 missions ( by the way, one mession lasts only for 2 minute hhhhh ). Second, The graphics and game design are so bad and ugly ( comparable to a ps1 game). Third , the soundtracks and sound design are annoying and boring, In addition to that , i got a high drop in framerate (average 15 -18 . Minimum 11-12. Maximum 20-23 ) . In short , if you are willing to play this game i recommend to think twice , because you are about to waste an hour from your life .

Gameplay Rating: 2
Story Rating: 2
Graphics & Visuals Rating: 2
Sound Rating: 2
Overall Rating: 2


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Game Information

PlayStation 2
Midas Interactive Entertainment
Midas Interactive Entertainment
EUR Release Date
November 11, 2005
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