Game Review - Accel World VS Sword Art Online: Deluxe Edition on PC

Written by 420 on August 30, 2018 @ 5:30 pm

Taken from my Steam Profile:

Review based on my mindset after playing 130h - completed main story without rushing it, doing all sidequests, test all chararcter's movesets, and simply watching my party fighting.

+ / positive / things i like
*Japanese Voice (-only)
*Nice big Roster from Accel World and Sword Art Online

*Great merging of the two anime storys, with only minor unlogic notes.
*Nice integration of Burst Link in the Cardinal System
*VN-Style Cut-scenes - full voiced log, skippable, hideable ui, on wish auto text progress, looks great
*Player and Monster models looking pretty neat + good animation overall
*Awesome SAO particle effects for wounds and death
*colorful race distinguishing wisps - while waiting for resurrection
*BGM is overall nice
*Fully adjustable volume of BGM , effects , voice
*All DLC included
*New Game+

*Multiplayer - 2 PvP Modes : Arena 1vs1 / 2vs2
*Multiplayer - coop mode :
Free roam
ExtraQuest/Sudden Bosses
Infinity dungeon - with up to 16 players
*you can heal and buff others

Fighting / Gameplay is fun and satisfying, it includes:

Sword Art Online Characters:

Magic : Elemental-Attacks , Heals, Buffs , Debuffs - with nice spell mumbling visual or instant casted

Sword Skills : 1h-Sword, dual-1h-Sword, 2h-Sword, Dagger, Brass Knuckles, Rapier, Mace, Ax, Spear, Bow with selectable elemental and status-effect-arrows
+ as secondary either a shield or staff - exceptions are:

Some Char-specific Unique-Skills unlocked by sidequests
Flying and Floating

Accel World Characters:

Original AW Attacks, and Skills made up by the Cardinal System x Burst Link
Activables / Form changes
(Self)buffs / Modes
Equip can give your attacks debuff-ability / status-effects
Combat and Ranged chars - All feeling unique
Accel Move and Accel Jump + multi jumps

*Unique Moveset for every character + different weapon types and skillsets accessible
*Different (Online) Roles, like healer or DD
*Different Movement of SAO and AW chars - pretty fast paced
*Ground and air battles - fluid stance change - offers different play styles - close combat and ranged

*3 Party member - you can quick-switch anytime
*Switch-attack-feature in the midst of battle - for combining diff. char's attacks
*Skill-link for building up damage
*Skill-level upping system from SAO, ranks up by using it
*Order your party to attack, get behind you, go in formation
*Elements and 9 status-effects: sleep, curse, etc + (De)buff effects eg. atk up/down
*Items like heal / buff potions - SAO-style item select-motion by your char
*Equipment gives special effects and boosts certain things like cooldown-reduction instead of raising stats / STR-DEX-WIS

*Upgrading your weapons at Liz' forge - Loot system for materials
*Burst Points and diff. Equip-system for AW and SAO chars
*Alternative Level-up for Characters with Burst Points - seems to be affordable, if you're not interested in raising each of them by yourself

*New Character unlocks seems to be graduating over the whole game - keeps you motivated
*Multiple outfits for most of the SAO chars

*Boss fights are memorably nice
*Satisfying amount of enemies spawning in a group + health / strength of monsters
(on hard difficult + lvl diff. seems to have more impact on higher levels)
*Field / Dungeon mobs variety is solid
*Field Bosses
*AW Stages with mobs (later)
*Monsters also use magic

*Dialogues when first pairing 2 chars together and going out to the field
*Side Storys, also with AW x SAO chars
*Kirito and Haruyuki -dialogue between hardcore gamers
*Even a few funny moments / dialogues which made me smile

*Data log / Information about all characters, their groups and more
*Titles contain statistics

*Running as in the city is hilarious
*Gestures / Emotes

o / neutral / acceptable for me
*BGM can be annoying over time, especially main menu and the snow world for me.It ain't bad though

*normal light and heavy attacks lacks variety / combos - only row attack with either light or heavy attack with possibilty to throw in heavy attack to end the "combo"/row with normal heavy attacks and vice versa, like there are two attack rows and you can switch once between them when performing one. - though not as bad as this sounds, really. BC Sword Skills are supposed to be combos

*I highly prefer to play with the SAO over the AW ones, mainly bc of their lower skill pools
+ the normal attack statement reasoned above
*AW chars running faster even in the city, what i dislike bc of the point above

*can't order your partymembers to focus on healing and keeping up buffs/debuffs - although they heal you often and sometimes pop out de-/buffs
*no option / difficult where you can turn off that your party member uses their own items, like they use heal-potions and ressurection-drops even when you dont own a single item
*KI can be dumb when following you to higher levels (stuck beneath platforms)

*Design of the merged field stages - too much AW influence for me here
- but still fine
*(Design of AW Duel Avatars - I like the anime but any robo-mecha avatar anywhere isnt my cup of tea)
*Dungeon design looks great, but I would prefer closed dungeon-style rather than this
space-nebula-like ambient outside the corridors
*Many species-mobs in the Dungeons as already seen out on the field

*Flying enemies can be annoying - due forcing of mid-air combat
-mostly for AW chars and their movement - altough you can stay in the air infinitely
-SAO chars can treat them with magic / bow from the ground or while floating
*I would prefer some bosses to be ground only. The Gleam Eyes would've been great

*can't hide UI - no customizable UI - atleast SAO UI is great
*can't zoom in or out - only in the city
*Party Display shows only 4 buffs on your active char and 2 on the other ones
(ALL are active - I tested it)

*No fast-switch between chars in the city
*No-fly zone - not even a double jump
*Only 1 city - npc population rate is good

*No lootable-changeable: clothes / visible accessory / Armor
*No custom-chars

*When sprinting while flying / floating, you can only use the skills assigned to the the same button you use to sprint, so for example as DEFAULT : RB on xbox controller for sprint and RB + X/Y/U/D/L/R for magic / skills
(you got 2 profiles for the RB + " " skills, which you can cyle trough via R3 - or whatever you set.)
IMO this is enough space, bc mostly magic skills are suitable for attacking in fast motion.
*Control Scheme is hard to get used to, even with controller
*Targeting for some Boss' parts is unkind

- / negative / things I dislike
for me there's no real negative things, although few points from above could disturb you more than me

= my 2 cents

One of the very few games i bought on full price in my lifetime and
I dont regret it



Launcher working fine for me
60 fps on max setting unless there is a boss with big fire skills ->turn off ssao ->no more problems
slight frame drop when debuffing ALOT of mobs at once


R280x with Accelero Xtreme IV
Xeon E3-1231 v3 @3.40GHz
16 GB DDR3-1600
Win 7 64-bit
Xbox360 Wired Controller

Gameplay Rating: 9
Story Rating: 7
Graphics & Visuals Rating: 8
Sound Rating: 7
Overall Rating: 8


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Game Information

Bandai Namco Games
Action, RPG
NA Release Date
September 12, 2017
ESRB Rating
MVGL User Score
Ryuji Nishida, Shuhei Seki, Kouhei Takahashi, Tomoya Sato, Hiroyuki Maruyama, Kazuma Ishii, Shun Murayama
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