Game Review - Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire on PC

Written by MyChaos on January 18, 2019 @ 8:31 pm

- Story ( the best of the two expansions)
- New Elite Specializations for all profession
- New Masteries bind with mounts
- 5 New Maps in Crystal Desert
- 4 New Mounts + 2 Mounts hidden
- Bounty System

- Joko this, Joko than, enough of Joko, no?
- Difficulty

Despite the bad start it had on launch day, it is undoubtedly the best expansion of the two that have already been released.

Compared to the maps of the first expansion, it is not so frustrating that you can complete without many problems.

The new masters presented are more focused on the Mounts, containing several upgrades for each. Each mount has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the terrain it treads. Not forgetting how easy it is to switch between them.

I will not talk about the story itself, but the expansion continues where the living world 3 is over. So it is recommended that you play the living world 3, or you can always look for summaries out there on the net.

This expansion is no longer an elder dragon to kill, but a God of fire.

The new Elite specializations what I?ve seen is worth to try.

The new boutys system is yet another extra to add in this expansion. There are several boards on maps, the only if is not a solo task but in group with other players like in the World Boss. It?s nice to see several players together running the map at the commander?s command for the same purpose, to defeat the bounty.

The only thing I did not like very much was the difficulty, for those who play a lot of solo (like me) sometimes become frustrating certain parts. But I can not complain since this kind of genre are for playing with friends.

Who liked to play Guild Wars 2, this expansion no doubt will not disappoint.

Gameplay Rating: 8
Story Rating: 9
Graphics & Visuals Rating: 9
Sound Rating: 10
Overall Rating: 9


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