Game Review - Dragon Knight on PC

Written by HyperDebtRay on March 10, 2019 @ 12:43 pm

This is a textbook example of a poorly made game, every single corner has been cut except for the artwork, which I will get into later.

At the surface it is a 2D side scrolling RPG where you take control of Sue a human(?) with magical powers that... does things... for some reason... Pardon my confusion but after beating this game I still have no idea what the context of the entire story is, if there even was one to begin with!

The one redeeming trait is the excellent artwork for the beginning comic sequence and the characters CG's... that's it though. It is also very deceptive because unknowing gamers are lured into purchasing the game based on the great artwork to find out that this game is absolutely terrible. Here are some of the terrible elements that comprise this game:

1) No character development, after beating the game you still have no idea what motivates the characters to do what they do.
2) Gameplay is frustratingly stiff
3) No graphics options
4) No checkpoints, if you die you are sent all the way back to the beginning of the game
5) Incomprehensible English translations
6) Inventory items are near useless
7) Equiping armor changes the entire character sprite instead of just changing parts of Sue
8) Weapons are completely imbalanced, the war hammer is overpowered while the bow is useless
9) Game is criminally short with only a handful of stages

Stay away from this trash game, if you want something similar go play The Vagrant or Castle Crashers, this is just a cheap deceptive cash-in.

Gameplay Rating: 4
Story Rating: 2
Graphics & Visuals Rating: 3
Sound Rating: 2
Overall Rating: 2


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Game Information

D.K Studio
Paradise Project
Beat 'em Up, RPG
NA Release Date
February 9, 2018
JP Release Date
February 9, 2018
EUR Release Date
February 9, 2018
AUS Release Date
February 9, 2018
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