Game Review - How To Date A Magical Girl! on PC

Written by corky12 on March 20, 2020 @ 6:26 pm

This game is not what you expect. There is a good reason it has a disclaimer of disturbing images and adult characters. As someone who enjoys Visual Novels, I was excited to give this game a try, especially when I noticed it uses stats and building relationship points instead of your typical dialogue choices. The story of going to a magical girl school intrigued me, and I was not disappointed.

1. Cover Gallery pictures are beautiful. Each magical girl sparkles and shines with her own unique costume, and I love it. The art drew me to this game.
2. More happens in this game than simple dating. While choosing a girl is the only real choice you can make, the story extends beyond dating to magical girl types, battles, and a type of warfare.
3. Plot twists are well-done. I did anticipate anything that happened near the middle, towards the end of the game. Few games I have played attempted to do what this one does.

1. Gameplay is repetitive. Stat grinding takes forever, and even after a girl chooses you, sometimes you have to keep grinding just to get her unique ending. I used a walkthrough after my first playthrough because I ended up with the bad ending right off the bat.
2. Character sprites leave something to be desired. I understand this is an indie company, but the CGs are gorgeous and the sprites feel like a cheap, free-to-play game.
3. Characters are cliche with some weird backstories. I love a good backstory, but most of these seemed to be very out-there and unrealistic, even for the type of game it is.

All things considered, this game is good. I could move past the cheap sprites because of the enjoyment I felt while trying to decipher the mystery. However, I do feel the stat grinding could have been done better, and I have seen games do it well (Persona 5, for example). I also did not fall instantly in love with the characters, as I did in other VNs. There was something about the overly done tropes and the odd backstories which kept me at arms-length. In conclusion, this is a great game to get if it is on sale.

Gameplay Rating: 5
Story Rating: 8
Graphics & Visuals Rating: 7
Sound Rating: 7
Overall Rating: 8


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February 1, 2019
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February 1, 2019
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February 1, 2019
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February 1, 2019
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