Game Review - GreedFall on PC

Written by Zraitor on March 22, 2020 @ 4:23 am

--Graphics and Sound--

The graphics and sound here are really just your standard fare. It is a budget game so that is hardly surprising. The environments are often repeated, you will see the same foresty looking place with rocks over and over, and most of the building layouts are the exact same. The art design is rather cool though, the technology clashing with the magical aspects leads to seeing all kinds of varied characters running about.


As it is an RPG, there is a lot of running around, questing, getting into and out of trouble, with a lot of looting and gearing, you know the usual. It is also super fun. The leveling system lets you put points into magic, tech, or warrior skills. You can freely distribute it among any of them and create a hybrid character if you wish, I stuck to magic on my first playthrough and could heal and shield my allies, and blast enemies from afar and I really enjoyed it.

There are also talents which are basically your world skills, crafting, talking to others, even vigor which lets you jump in high places. Well, I found these rather annoying, there is no build here, every character you make will need all of these. Some items increase them and having the companion's friendship leveled up do as well. I found I could get away with just one point in Intuition for example, then with a hat and a companion in my party I was able to get it up to three. Just dumb, and I hate when games do that. It ended up I had all the skills at three with some moving items and companions and around and made talents pointless.

Lastly for character builds you have Attributes, are things like more health, magic, and damage for your chosen playstyle. You can mix and match and make a hybrid again, but it will probably make you weaker as you only get so many. You can only pick any of these things for your main character, your companions are all preset and you can't change their skills, only equipment. Thankfully the game gives you many Memory Crystals, allowing you to completely respec your main character if you wish.

And speaking of those companions, I read before I played this they were pretty generic and only really there to serve as representations of their factions. While they have some personality and cool moments, I generally agree with this. They also aren't made equal in combat, Siora, for instance, has a heal all as her special ability and it's really noticeable when you don't have her in your party just for that. With my mage I could do the same and yet I still missed having her doing that when not in the party. You can apparently romance companions as well, but this never happened in my game even though I did all their quests and maxed their friendship, so I'm not sure what I missed, but also I don't care, and does anyone? I never understood the point in RPGs having to shoehorn these romances in.

Now for the combat, it is pretty fun. It was also hard to control at first, I gave up on the keyboard/mouse and switched to my Xbox controller, and never looked back. The camera also gets very jerky at times and takes getting used to. Using your chosen abilities, you fling your spells, weapons, and or shoot your guns at enemies, while dodging around like a madperson. It is not very complicated, but I found it fun.

Unfortunately, it falters a bit in boss fights, they are just giant health sponges that charge and jump around and maybe cast one spell. It made fighting them rather boring, I was going to win without a problem, yes, but it was going to take a damn while. I am not saying I want them to go nuts and add MMORPG like mechanics, but something more was definitely needed here.

There are a plethora of items you can use in combat, and you can craft all the potions yourself. They make a big difference but aren't always needed on Normal difficulty which I played on. I plan to try again on Extreme where I'm sure they will be more important, and also I'm sure the game will become a giant ball of frustration with artificial difficulty but oh well. All in all, I had a blast with the combat despite some issues and I look forward to another harder playthrough with a different build.

The game also has a stealth system that I tolerated at best. You can wear enemy disguises and also perform stealth kills. It's just kind of there and when it became time to stealth again I was like oh yeah... the game has stealth in it... yay...

A big thing you must manage is the games Reputation system, your friendship with the various factions. This can be kind of dumb, as there aren't real choices being represented, you do the "right" thing at all times, which means whatever levels up the reputation faction. Oh sure, you can do the opposite, but why? You gain nothing. Each time you hit a new reputation level with a faction they give you items at your campsite storage. There's just no reason not to play nice, and as your character is a diplomat it even makes sense to do so. I'm not sure what they intended here, I imagine they had to dumb down the system and their wishes for it and just ended up with this. It was a little disappointing.

As for the rest, I'd mention it is again an RPG, so quests are everywhere and while far from the longest in the genre, the game is of decent length. The sidequests are as high quality as the main quests really, with one exception, the very boring and pointless Contracts. You pick them off boards randomly in the areas you wander in, and they give you little quests that give barely any experience points or money and seems they were thrown in as an afterthought. I stopped doing these after I realized the random encounters that respawn give more than these stupid things do.

You play as De Sardet, the eventual Legate of The Congregation of Merchants, a neutral faction that only cares for making money. This means De Sardet functions as a diplomat, always soothing over the factions reputations.

Starting in Serene, you are in a world that is being slowly destroyed by a disease of unknown origins called the Malichor. It strikes anyone at any time without mercy, slowly and painfully consuming them.

A new world is discovered, and it is believed by many to be the cause of this mysterious illness. De Sardet is sent there, representing his faction and while dealing with angry natives, backstabbing politics, and hungry wildlife they must find the reason for the Malichor, and the cure.


GreedFall, even with its flaws, is a wonderful game. Despite the annoying reputation system, generic companions, and combat that needed a bit more to it this game just manages to be fun. The story itself is great and brings up lots of touchy subjects like colonialism and environmental concerns, but it handles them all intelligently and manages to deliver a hell of an RPG when it is all said and done. I believe the old line "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." says it best here.

Gameplay Rating: 8
Story Rating: 8
Graphics & Visuals Rating: 7
Sound Rating: 7
Overall Rating: 8


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Focus Home Interactive
Action, RPG
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September 9, 2019
JP Release Date
September 9, 2019
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September 9, 2019
AUS Release Date
September 9, 2019
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ACB Rating
MA 15+
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