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Written by casivea on March 26, 2020 @ 5:09 pm

Momoka is a RPG Maker game made for the 2018 Indie Jam. Moca (the developer of the game) has expressed an interest in making a longer, more in-depth version of Momoka, but as it is, I am very impressed with what they have managed to accomplish in about an hour of gameplay.

First off, Momoka is along the lines of pixel horror RPG games like MISAO that rely on the sexual assault of teenage girls to work. I acknowledge this because I feel that your opinion of the game will vary on how you feel about this trope. I personally think it can feel like fetishism, but nonetheless I enjoyed the game, so I'll just keep this here as a warning. The game's sexual assault content is borderline comical in how absurd it is, but it works because of the dialogue. The teenage cast of this game are very relatable and very lovable. They approach difficult situations in ways that I can respect.

The gameplay follows a streamlined RPG maker format, with walking around and finding tools to move around the various rooms you are stuck in. I was very impressed with the gameplay near the end of the game, as it employed some interesting quick-action gameplay to proceed.

The story is... well, I enjoyed it, but I don't know if I can speak to how good it is. I think for one hour of gameplay it is very well put-together. I can definitely see it being very, very good (possibly one of the great RPG maker games along the lines of Ib) with more content added and the storyline fleshed out. The major problem with the storyline right now is that the rushed storytelling makes it sound very comical and very absurd all at the same time. The writing though, is absolutely fantastic. This was a very hard game to finish. The scenes describing Momoka's pain and torment and the feelings of the victims around her made me sick to my stomach. Incredible job there!

The graphics and visuals were also nice, as were the sound. I didn't notice these two aspects too much though that's not the creator's fault as I sped through a lot of the gameplay because I'm impatient. I definitely feel like they can be improved on, so I don't want to comment too much on an unfinished game, but they didn't detract from the gameplay at all. I'm definitely overall very impressed with the game, and would recommend it to people looking for a new RPG maker horror experience.

Gameplay Rating: 8
Story Rating: 8
Graphics & Visuals Rating: 7
Sound Rating: 7
Overall Rating: 8


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Adventure, Horror
NA Release Date
December 1, 2018
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December 1, 2018
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December 1, 2018
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December 1, 2018
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