Game Review - Highway Blossoms on PC

Written by casivea on March 30, 2020 @ 4:06 pm

Highway Blossoms is the kinetic novel to end all kinetic novels. I have a hard time scrolling through endless text, but Highway Blossoms was engaging all the way to the end. I was able to play all of it in a two-hour sitting, fully focused on it and nothing else.

The game comes with English audio (the game takes place in the United States, specifically the Southwest) that doesn't come off as awkward or out of place at all. The game has only about ten characters but each of them are brimming with life. I enjoyed the various allusions to Southwest life, as demonstrated by the story-relevant soundtrack filled with western tunes.

The romance is absolutely adorable, I was really rooting for Amber and Marina to get together. The story flows very smoothly, allowing for their romance to slowly blossom over time. I enjoyed learning about each character's personal struggles and challenges, and even the treasure hunt storyline became fun after a little while playing.

I would put aside two hours at night to play this game. The CGs and soundtrack are stunningly put-together (though I will admit seeing moe artwork with American names was... confusing) and it's clear a lot of work was put into this game. Give it a try!

Gameplay Rating: 7
Story Rating: 10
Graphics & Visuals Rating: 10
Sound Rating: 10
Overall Rating: 10


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Game Information

Sekai Project
Visual Novel
NA Release Date
June 17, 2016
JP Release Date
June 17, 2016
EUR Release Date
June 17, 2016
AUS Release Date
June 17, 2016
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