Game Review - Aliens: Fireteam Elite on PlayStation 5

Written by ThaFlu84 on October 01, 2021 @ 12:19 pm

I never compare games in my reviews, but I can?t deny how similar this game is to The Division, mainly it?s expansion, Underground, which focused on PvE. The Division is one of my favorite games ever, so my comment isn't an insult. With the bullet sponge enemies, high difficulty, tactical abilities, stat modifying weapon attachments, and overall feel of the game, the comparison is hard to ignore.

This game is clearly meant to played in a group, even on Standard difficulty. Bots aren?t useless but take a lot of avoidable damage and often stand still. The story is forgettable and the dialog is abysmal. Finding intel unlocks lore but I stopped caring almost immediately.

This game shines with its upgradable classes and pure fun gameplay. You will be repeating missions and mindlessly shooting down hordes of xenomorphs but you're always progressing. The perks and weapons you unlock are worthwhile and accommodate many playstyles. Dozens of relentless enemies fill the screen and come from everywhere. Most encounters are intense, leaving you with a "Who's next?!?!" attitude when its over. The end of the last mission is outstanding, so much so, my friend saved a clip and kept rewatching it lol.

I was looking for a co-op game with the potential to be played indefinitely and despite being a budget game, it has filled that void nicely. - 7.5

PS: I love that there are 2 modern games that capture the spirit of the first 2 movies in this franchise and are properly named.

Gameplay Rating: 9
Story Rating: 3
Graphics & Visuals Rating: 7
Sound Rating: 8
Overall Rating: 8


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Game Information

PlayStation 5
Cold Iron Studios
Cold Iron Studios
Action, Third Person Shooter
NA Release Date
August 24, 2021
JP Release Date
August 24, 2021
EUR Release Date
August 24, 2021
AUS Release Date
August 24, 2021
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