¡¡¡¡¡Let me show you the cancer way to gaming boys!!!!!

Hi I'm Karyun'dara and i'm the $$Real Cancer Boy$$, why?, you may ask, well. I enjoy making some cancer music lists, and some decent and good music lists in youtube, they're all open to public if you want to hear them.

Cancer Music

Good Music

Strategy Lover

I love RTS games, i remember that the first game that i've ever played was a RTS, when i was like 4 years old, of course with my dad, he introduced me in to this world and i ended up liking this genre a lot.


  1. Starcraft ( I and II)
  2. Warcraft ( I, II and III)
  3. Age of Empires ( I and II)
  4. Command & Conquer (Red Alert and Tiberian Sun)
  5. Battle Realms

Expert Grinder

ARPGs are other kind of games that i like a lot, i started in this genre with Diablo 1, and i still think that Diablo is the best ARPG saga.


  1. Diablo ( I , II and II)
  2. Path of Exile
  3. Torchlight ( I and II)
  4. Titan Quest
  5. Grim Dawn

Blizzard Huge Fan

If you haven't noticed i love Blizzard, and all of its games, i love the Lore of its games and also i think they've one of the bests Lores in all of the history of Videogames. but i hate them because they keep kiling my favorite characters. 💔

Favorite games


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