Koihime Musou: Doki! Shoujo Darake no Sangokushi Engi

    Koihime Musou: Doki! Shoujo Darake no Sangokushi Engi Mobile

    Alternative Titles: Koihime + Musou: Doki! Shoujo Darake no Sangokushi Engi with Voice, Koihime†Musō: Doki Otome Darake no Sangokushi Engi, 恋姫†無双 ~ドキッ☆乙女だらけの三国志演義~

    Timeslip!? Kazuto went out to catch a thief that had broken into the local Chinese history museum late one night. But after a sudden confrontation with the thief, he finds himself absorbed in a white light only to awaken in a wasteland. What's happened!? He is surrounded by three bandits....
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    Heart's Medicine: Season One

    Heart's Medicine: Season One Mobile

    Go back to the beginning of Allison Heart's epic story to become a doctor Assist med school student Allison Heart as she starts her career as a doctor in a hospital in small-town America! A game that follow the story of a girl who becomes an unwitting hero. Sharpen your medical skills...
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    Unsung Heroes: The Golden Mask

    Unsung Heroes: The Golden Mask Mobile

    When the past meets the present, it's up to three intrepid young archaeologists to unearth the truth! Unsung Heroes is a brand new time management game from GameHouse. It follows the path of three passionate archaeologists, determined to uncover history! In Unsung Heroes - The Golden Mask, the three girls are...
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    Banana Kong

    Banana Kong Mobile

    A thrilling ride through jungle, caves and treetops. Play as Kong! Banana Kong! Run, jump, bounce and swing on vines as you help Banana Kong to outrun a huge banana avalanche! Keep full control with highly responsive single-finger tap and swipe controls. Ride the boar or fly with the toucan to...
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    Gunbird Mobile

    Alternative Titles: Gunbird Classic, ガンバード

    Gunbird is a vertically scrolling shoot 'em up developed by Psikyo. The game is set in a fantasy setting with steampunk elements. Lush forests and medieval castles meet steam trains and mech robots. Instead of piloting the genre-traditional space ships, Gunbird lets the player chose between five different characters (Ash,...
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    Star Wars: Hunters

    Star Wars: Hunters Mobile

    STAR WARS: Hunters will connect players in real time to battle in settings inspired by iconic STAR WARS locales. Players will join squads of all-new and authentic characters, including daring Bounty Hunters, heroes of the Rebellion and Imperial stormtroopers, in an action game that immerses players in a fast-paced and...
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    Active Neurons

    Active Neurons Mobile

    Active Neurons is a game that trains spatial logical thinking. By controlling the power of thought, you must charge neurons. The more charged neurons, the healthier our brain. The healthier the brain, the more fully-fledged life a person lives. It would seem that the task is very simple, but no. To choose...
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    Fantasian (2021)

    Fantasian (2021) Mobile

    Alternative Titles: Fantasian

    From the creator of Final Fantasy, comes the next breathtaking adventure from industry legend Hironobu Sakaguchi. Fantasian is an exciting, new RPG set against a spectacular backdrop made from over 150 handmade dioramas that blends physical environments and 3D characters. The tale begins in a realm governed by machines. Within this...
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    Top Eleven

    Top Eleven Mobile

    Create and manage your own football team. Set winning tactics to beat opponents and take your club from dust to glory. Lead your football team to glory! Top Eleven is the most popular online sports game in which you create and manage your own team, while competing in a persistent...
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    2013: Infected Wars

    2013: Infected Wars Mobile

    A POST APOCALYPTIC WORLD TO SURVIVE The year is 2013. The world as we know it has come to an end. Society has completely broken down. The Scourge, an engineered virus released upon the world by terrorists, was intended to send the West back to the Stone Age by turning their...
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    3D Twist & Match

    3D Twist & Match Mobile

    How quickly can you rotate 3D objects to match their silhouettes? Challenge your spatial visualization skills and make optimal moves to build combos. With its intuitive controls, 3D Twist & Match is easy to pick up, yet its intense, frantic game play will have you coming back again and again....
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    3, 2, 1...SuperCrash!

    3, 2, 1...SuperCrash! Mobile

    It's finally here. 3,2,1 SuperCrash, the craziest most fun game. Prepare to get hooked and have fun in equal measure.Transform into a true human puzzle and try not to crash.Enjoy the most absurd race in history while trying to keep on your feet.Choose between two game modes and watch out...
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    20Q Mobile

    Think of something and 20Q will read your mind by asking a few simple questions. The object you think of should be something that most people would know about, but not a proper noun or a specific person, place, or thing. ANIMAL: Anything that is alive and can move. VEGETABLE: Anything that...
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    Empire of Angels IV

    Empire of Angels IV Mobile

    Alternative Titles: 天使帝國四

    《Empire of Angels IV》 Here comes the girl power You know that you cannot resist it Genre: This is a SLG game that developed by SOFTSTAR in Taiwan. Is a dramatic, beautiful painting, use full-time vocal and funniest 3D game. Synopsis: A shinning orb that none have seen appears on the Land of Asgard. blows out the...
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    Checkers Royal PLUS

    Checkers Royal PLUS Mobile

    Alternative Titles: Checkers Royal+

    Checkers, your new free checker game (also known as Draughts) will entertain you for hours! It’s challenging with 5 different levels yet relaxing and beautiful with 8 different designs. You can play alone or with a friend, at home or offline! To make sure anyone in the world can enjoy...
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    Chameleon Run

    Chameleon Run Mobile

    Alternative Titles: Chameleon Run+

    Chameleon Run is a unique, fast and challenging autorunner with a colorful twist. Jump, switch and run through expertly crafted levels that will have you running back for more. Your goal is to switch your color to match the ground as you run and jump from platform to platform. Sounds easy...
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    Blek Mobile

    Alternative Titles: Blek+

    Blek is a unique game about imagination and personality. Everything you draw keeps moving – and watching your creations move is like watching magic. The goal is simple: shape a line that collects all colored circles avoiding black holes on its route. There are no specific moves that you need to...
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    Backgammon PLUS

    Backgammon PLUS Mobile

    Alternative Titles: Backgammon+

    It's just a well-known Backgammon game: everything you need to play and nothing more: • a simple and nice interface • play alone, with a friend or online • works offline without internet • wooden board and atmosphere • both vertical and horizontal board orientations are supported • the Doubling cube with the Crawford rule. The dice...
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    Blood Kiss

    Blood Kiss Mobile

    Blood Kiss, the mysterious interactive otome game with dating handsome vampires, is finally launched! It’s all depending on your choices! Get various episodes by your choices and enjoy steamy dating each vampire character! Find your favorite vampire > Target him with love choices > Get LOVE stories and survive!...
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    60 Parsecs!

    60 Parsecs! Mobile

    Atomic Space Age was a blast! Until it became the Post-Apocalyptic Space Age. Your space station is about to explode and you only have 60 seconds before things get messy. What (or who) will you grab before you make a mad dash for the emergency shuttle and begin your journey into...
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    Occidental Heroes

    Occidental Heroes Mobile

    Broadly roguelike retro role playing game with exploration, quests, turn based combat and permadeath set in a low fantasy world. No hand holding, no reloads, no mercy. Explore the Occident and its bustling towns and ancient ruins. Learn about your heroes and guide them a comfortable retirement....
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    Tricky Castle

    Tricky Castle Mobile

    Escape from the castle, full of tricks and mysterious puzzles. This escape room game will challenge your ability to solve puzzles! The Terrible Villain grabbed the Princess and set traps on the way to her rescue. A brave knight can save the princess hidden in the tower of the castle! Forward...
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    Mordheim: Warband Skirmish

    Mordheim: Warband Skirmish Mobile

    Clash with other Wyrdstone hunting warbands in the ruins of Mordheim Set during a brutal civil war, command a small fantasy warband searching for valuable shards of the comet that destroyed the city of Mordheim. Multiplayer turn-based arena strategy right at your fingertips, you’ll have the freedom to play how YOU...
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    Mabinogi Duel

    Mabinogi Duel Mobile

    ▷ Mobile TCG with Strategy Duel with your own unique deck using 12 cards Unlimited combinations and strategies with 1,000 different types of cards ▷ Scenario Mode You can easily learn the game by traveling through the Mabinogi world with unique/funny characters ▷ Duel Modes [Draft Mission] You can duel with 12 random cards! Doesn’t matter...
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    Empires: The Rise

    Empires: The Rise Mobile

    Alternative Titles: Empires:The Rise

    《Empires:The Rise》 brings the classical Real-Time Strategy (R.T.S.) feeling to mobile devices. With adapted and intuitive control, action per minute (A.P.M.) is no longer an issue. Given a smart, built-in unit AI, you are able to command several massive armies with ease. During intensive 5-20 minutes matches, Resource gathering, base management, unit...
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    Puzzlegeddon Mobile

    Puzzlegeddon features an inventive mix of puzzle, action and strategy. Select your island of choice and puzzle for resources to defend yourself and to defeat opponents throughout the many galaxies, game modes and challenges which awaits you in Puzzlegeddon....
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    Magical Girl Critical ~Another World and Useless Initial Magic~

    Magical Girl Critical ~Another World and Useless Initial Magic~ Mobile

    Alternative Titles: 魔法少女クリティカル~異世界と役立たずの初期魔法~

    Early magic does not work in a different world!?? You can only rely on magic sticks (physical) and female power (strength)! Can the magical girl return to the original world? ★ How to play ★ You can perform "left and right movement", "jump", "attack", "magic" + α actions. Aim for the goal of each stage...
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    Friends Who Do Not Fight the Hero ~ Casino simulation RPG ~

    Friends Who Do Not Fight the Hero ~ Casino simulation RPG ~ Mobile

    Alternative Titles: ぼっち勇者と戦わない仲間たち~カジノシミュレーションRPG~

    ★ How to play ★ "Brave part" ① Destroy the monsters in the area and destroy the boss ② Strengthen your weapon with the materials obtained from the boss and move on to the next area. "Player part" ① Challenge mini games and gain money and experience points ② Raise the level and increase the upper...
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    Re;flection Mobile

    Alternative Titles: リフレクション~最適ルートを模索する思考型パズルゲーム~

    ★ How to play ★ ① Let's find the route to the goal considering the characteristics of each gimmick ② Let's switch the direction of each mirror along the route ③ Move your aircraft to the starting point and start All you have to do is watch over to the goal. ★ 3 modes ★ ●...
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    The Cave

    The Cave Mobile

    The Cave is a platform adventure game that tells the story of seven characters who descend into an ancient, self-aware cave to pursue their deepest desires: the Adventurer, the Time Traveler, the Knight, the Twins, the Hillbilly, the Scientist, and the Monk. Alone or with up to two local co-op...
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    Scrap Metal

    Scrap Metal Mobile

    Drift around corners with guns blazing and take out legendary competitors in the fast-paced, top-down racer, Scrap Metal! Fight your way through explosive, action-packed missions and defeat cunning bosses to add their vehicles to your garage. Customize newly-acquired cars and return to the track to blast through more enemies....
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    Laid-Back Camp - Virtual - Fumoto Campsite

    Laid-Back Camp - Virtual - Fumoto Campsite Mobile

    Experience Laid-Back Camp in 3D! Together, Rin (you!) and Nadeshiko embark on a new camping adventure at the Fumoto Campsite, taking pictures and trying lots of delicious food. About the Game Nadeshiko, Rin & co. encounter a variety of unique situations. Join them in VR for a short adventure game (each version is...
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    DERE EXE: Rebirth of Horror

    DERE EXE: Rebirth of Horror Mobile

    'DERE EXE: Rebirth of Horror' is an immersive narrative horror-thriller using the interface of a normal puzzle platformer game with difficult obstacles and surprises. 'DERE EXE: Rebirth of Horror' is the terrifying chapter that precedes the events of the critically acclaimed DERE EVIL EXE. With retro pixel art visuals, atmospheric music,...
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    JUJU Mobile

    Journey with the shaman panda, Juju, and his lizard sidekick, Peyo, as they embark upon a dangerous and mystical journey to save Juju's father and the world from an ancient evil. JUJU, is a classic-style platformer for all ages with two-player cooperative play....
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    Tecmo Bowl Throwback

    Tecmo Bowl Throwback Mobile

    The legend is back! Tecmo Bowl Throwback is a remake of the classic Tecmo Super Bowl, with the same rules and fast-paced gameplay as the original, but with the option to play it in brand new high-definition 3-D graphics. Switch it back to old school in real time with the...
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    Lords & Knights

    Lords & Knights Mobile

    Play Lords & Knights now and become ruler of a mighty empire! Join other lords in exciting battles against thousands of players a all to take control of the country. Build carefully crafted castles across a great and glorious empire!...
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    Mighty Doom

    Mighty Doom Mobile

    Alternative Titles: Mighty DOOM

    Run and gun through hundreds of exciting levels and battle challenging bosses as you level up, gain powerful skills, loot new gear, and upgrade legendary weapons. Descend into iconic DOOM worlds in this single-touch shooter with an animated style. Download Mighty DOOM and stand against all evil! SLAY EVIL - Shoot em up...
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    Dream World RPG

    Dream World RPG Mobile

    Oh MY God! The popular web RPG Dream World is now available on Google Play - Download for FREE today! Completing the game's main story is just the beginning! = FEATURES = ► Fight through 120 levels and explore 40+ areas! ► Challenge 70+ bosses, including dozens of World and Guild Raid bosses! ► Play...
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    BitLife: Life Simulator

    BitLife: Life Simulator Mobile

    Alternative Titles: BitLife - Life Simulator

    How will you live your BitLife? Will you try to make all the right choices in an attempt to become a model citizen sometime before you die? You could marry the love of your life, have kids, and pick up a good education along the way. Or will you play choices that...
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    BE-A Walker

    BE-A Walker Mobile

    Dying Earth is overpopulated and humanity searches for new planets to colonize and to extract much needed resources. Eldorado is an Earth-like planet covered with huge jungles and mountains full of rare minerals and it is an ideal option for colonization. But two things are making colonization quite complicated: the...
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    AdventureQuest 3D

    AdventureQuest 3D Mobile

    A true cross-platform massively multiplayer game that allows you to play your character, on the same world as your friends, from your PC, Mac, Android, and Apple iOS devices. Set in the most dangerous era of AdventureQuest's timeline, the world has come under attack by a mysterious new threat. Answer the...
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    Say No! More

    Say No! More Mobile

    SAY NO! MORE is the world’s first NPG (NO!-Playing Game). Play as an intern with a burning desire to say NO! to everything and everyone. Customize your character, say NO! in different styles and languages, clap back at mean colleagues and change the world!...
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    Radio Commander

    Radio Commander Mobile

    In Radio Commander you are playing as an American military commander serving in US Army during the Vietnam War. This is not just another RTS, in which you are an invisible being hovering over the battlefield. In Radio Commander situation reports are given to you in form of dramatic radio statements...
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    Jet Set Radio

    Jet Set Radio Mobile

    The government is attempting to silence the kids of Tokyo, but with their Overdrive Magnetic-Motor Skating Shoes, the cops will have to catch 'em first. The Jet Set Radio program keeps the kids unified and inspired to fight for their rights of expression, which includes graffiti art. Grab your spray...
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    Babel Rising

    Babel Rising Mobile

    Babel Rising lets you play as a God and use your powers to prevent humans from building the tower of Babel. Hurl bolts of lightning, cause massive earthquakes, or unleash gigantic floods upon the Babylonians. Face a wide range of challenging enemies and levels....
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    Pass the Pigs

    Pass the Pigs Mobile

    With over 32 millions board games sold, go hog wild with the pig-tastic, quirky Pass the Pigs game. Use chance to attempt to rack up 100 points by Pig Rolling the stylus around the world, depending on how the pigs land you might get a snouter or a double razor...
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    The Survivalists

    The Survivalists Mobile

    The island is alive! Your newfound home will change with day/night cycles as you explore and uncover its secrets. Hunt (or be hunted by!) animals for food and an array of mythical enemies, who aren’t necessarily pleased to see you. Get quests from a Mysterious Stranger or find them washed...
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    Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai - A Hero's Bonds

    Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai - A Hero's Bonds Mobile

    Alternative Titles: Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai - Tamashii no Kizuna

    Experience DRAGON QUEST The Adventure of Dai! Pre-register now for Team ARPG! Recommended for everyone who: - Is interested in DRAGON QUEST, RPGs, and action games - Likes to play RPGs based on manga and anime, particularly from Shonen Jump - Enjoys engaging stories - Enjoys RPGs with deep character progression - Is looking for a...
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    Hamster x Hamster

    Hamster x Hamster Mobile

    * Touch the screen to create a cell. These cells are sent to Earth as hamsters. * When you purchase a new cell, a new hamster is created. * Collecting various hamsters makes it easier to get more coins. * If the hamsters nurture a new hamster ??? * Hamsters to enjoy the story...
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    Hardwood Spades

    Hardwood Spades Mobile

    Welcome to Hardwood Spades ... the game where a trick IS a treat! Bid on how many tricks you can take, then work with your partner to make it happen. Don't overbid, or you'll be set. But don't underbid either, or you'll be stuck with a bag! If you think...
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