Tesla Force

    Tesla Force PC

    When compared to the previous game Tesla vs Lovecraft, in Tesla Force, the gameplay transcends the limits of the arena. You will have meaningful choices both inside and outside the arena, beyond simply acquiring upgrades. You can choose your path to travel, along with the challenges and rewards that come...
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    Breakwaters PC

    Explore a procedural world with dangerous ocean depths and massive Titans in an Exploration Survival game that changes the way you interact with water. Displace water with powerful crystals harvested from the world, delve into its depths to collect rare resources, build walls to contain the ocean or block the waves,...
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    Pepper's Puzzles

    Pepper's Puzzles PC

    Pepper's Puzzles is a collection of logic games also known as Picross, Nonogram, Griddlers or Paint by Numbers. Fill the grids using the numeric hints to unveil beautiful pixel-art illustrations!...
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    Brigand: Oaxaca

    Brigand: Oaxaca PC

    Brigand: Oaxaca is a highly difficult RPG/FPS set in post-apocalyptic Mexico. The story will take you from a banana plantation to dark toxic caverns, to the sprawling city of Pochutla, to the flooded coastline, to deadly demon-infested jungles, and more. There are 14 unique skills to upgrade with skill points, ranging...
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    Ultimate Arena

    Ultimate Arena PC

    Many will enter, one will win. It has taken a few millennia for the art of the arena to be perfected, but we've finally done it. Ultimate Arena puts you in charge of the greatest battle royale, the one that you pick who fights and the conditions they fight under. Take...
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    Koihime Musou ~A Heart-Throbbing, Maidenly Romance of the Three Kingdoms~

    Koihime Musou ~A Heart-Throbbing, Maidenly Romance of the Three Kingdoms~ PC

    Alternative Titles: Koihime + Musou: Doki! Shoujo Darake no Sangokushi Engi, Koihime†Musō: Doki Otome Darake no Sangokushi Engi, 恋姫†無双 ~ドキッ☆乙女だらけの三国志演義~

    Timeslip!? Kazuto went out to catch a thief that had broken into the local Chinese history museum late one night. But after a sudden confrontation with the thief, he finds himself absorbed in a white light only to awaken in a wasteland. What's happened!? He is surrounded by three bandits....
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    Heart's Medicine: Season One

    Heart's Medicine: Season One PC

    Go back to the beginning of Allison Heart's epic story to become a doctor Assist med school student Allison Heart as she starts her career as a doctor in a hospital in small-town America! A game that follow the story of a girl who becomes an unwitting hero. Sharpen your medical skills...
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    Unsung Heroes: The Golden Mask

    Unsung Heroes: The Golden Mask PC

    When the past meets the present, it's up to three intrepid young archaeologists to unearth the truth! Unsung Heroes is a brand new time management game from GameHouse. It follows the path of three passionate archaeologists, determined to uncover history! In Unsung Heroes - The Golden Mask, the three girls are...
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    Alien Hominid Invasion

    Alien Hominid Invasion PC

    Alien Hominid Invasion is a co-op run ‘n’ gun game packed with chaos, mayhem, and a whole lot of explosions. Beam down to invade randomly-assembled neighborhoods and face the unending swarm of enemy Agents!...
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    Gunbird PC

    Alternative Titles: Mobile Light Force, ガンバード

    Gunbird is a vertically scrolling shoot 'em up developed by Psikyo. The game is set in a fantasy setting with steampunk elements. Lush forests and medieval castles meet steam trains and mech robots. Instead of piloting the genre-traditional space ships, Gunbird lets the player chose between five different characters (Ash,...
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    Asuka 120 Percent Return BURNING Fest.

    Asuka 120 Percent Return BURNING Fest. PC

    Alternative Titles: Asuka 120% Return BURNING Fest., あすか120%リターン BURNING Fest. RETURN

    This installment of the Asuka 120% series adapts the gameplay and sprites from Asuka 120% Limited: Burning Fest. Limited with newly updated illustrations....
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    Adam's Venture: Chronicles

    Adam's Venture: Chronicles PC

    Adam Venture is a renowned explorer and adventurer. During his epic adventures, set in the 1920’s, he encounters antique artifacts, ancient mysteries and the player will decipher strange symbols. Supporting him is his accomplice: Evelyn, with her the player will solve ingenious puzzles and embark on breathtaking platform challenges to...
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    Active Neurons

    Active Neurons PC

    Alternative Titles: Active Neurons - Puzzle game

    Active Neurons is a game that trains spatial logical thinking. By controlling the power of thought, you must charge neurons. The more charged neurons, the healthier our brain. The healthier the brain, the more fully-fledged life a person lives. It would seem that the task is very simple, but no. To choose...
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    Shenmue III: Story Quest Pack

    Shenmue III: Story Quest Pack PC

    One day, Ryo encounters Zhang Shuqin - a subordinate of Zhu Yuanda, who had helped Ryo out in the past. Just as Ryo thinks that he's renewed an old friendship, he learns that Zhang has been kidnapped. But by whom - and why?...
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    Shenmue III: Big Merry Cruise

    Shenmue III: Big Merry Cruise PC

    A new cruise ship has arrived in the Niaowu harbor. Various types of entertainment can be enjoyed aboard the ship, as well as challenge missions which can only be played here. Also, new outfits for Ryo can be obtained by clearing mini-quests encountered onboard....
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    Shenmue III: Battle Rally

    Shenmue III: Battle Rally PC

    A battle race set in Bailu is about to begin! The three contestants engage in battle while racing their way through the course. Reach the finish line in first place to acquire awesome items. The participants in this race are... * The hero of the story, facing off against destiny, Ryo Hazuki. *...
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    Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Chaos Wastes

    Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Chaos Wastes PC

    Chaos Wastes is a free update to Warhammer: Vermintide 2. Explore the unpredictable and dramatic lands of Chaos Wastes in this all-new 1-4 player co-op rogue-lite experience, expanding the Vermintide story in a new game mode. Explore the Chaos Wastes together with your fellow heroes in this new rogue-lite inspired game...
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    Lucius Demake

    Lucius Demake PC

    When Lucius was born on the June 6th, 1966, nobody expected him to be anything other than a normal little boy but everything changed on Lucius’ 6th Birthday, when his true calling was revealed to him. Equipped with supernatural powers, take control of Lucius as he begins his blood filled tour of...
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    A Winter's Daydream

    A Winter's Daydream PC

    Nineteen-year-old Yuu can’t stand his younger sister, Otoko, and the feeling is mutual. It’s been almost a year since Yuu saw her last, having escaped his dreary home town to study in the bustling city, but with the advent of New Year’s he finds himself obliged to return to his...
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    Enlisted PC

    Enlisted is a squad-based first person MMO shooter covering key battles from World War II. The game carefully recreates weapons, military vehicles and the atmosphere of that era, while demonstrating really massive clashes of numerous soldiers, tanks and aircraft with artillery and naval support. At first, players will be able to...
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    Empire of Angels IV

    Empire of Angels IV PC

    Alternative Titles: 天使帝國四

    《Empire of Angels IV》 Here comes the girl power You know that you cannot resist it Genre: This is a SLG game that developed by SOFTSTAR in Taiwan. Is a dramatic, beautiful painting, use full-time vocal and funniest 3D game. Synopsis: A shinning orb that none have seen appears on the Land of Asgard. blows out the...
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    Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown

    Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown PC

    A driving and lifestyle experience unlike any other. The brand new Test Drive Unlimited keeps the DNA from the first games, and revamps it for the modern era. You have the freedom to progress however you like, the classic open championship concept returns too. Live your best life. Race, cruise,...
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    Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection

    Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection PC

    Alternative Titles: Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection, Kaettekita Makai-Mura

    A Knightmare Resurrected Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection is a reboot that brings the beloved Capcom franchise back to life and into the 21st century. Paying homage to Ghosts ‘n Goblins and Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, the latest entry combines the franchise’s action platforming gameplay with storybook-like graphics and challenging new obstacles. The game...
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    Corpse Factory

    Corpse Factory PC

    //TOKYO, 20XX: Whispers and rumors are spreading through the streets of metropolitan Tokyo like wildfire. Murmurings of a bizarre website have started to pique the interest of more than a few people—people willing to take extreme risks in order to fulfill their darkest desires. Corpse Girl's Website supposedly allows users to...
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    Expeditions: Rome

    Expeditions: Rome PC

    The future of Rome is in your hands: what will your legacy be? Take on the role of a young Legatus whose father was murdered by an unknown political opponent, forcing you to escape Rome and take refuge in the military campaign to subdue a Greek rebellion. Step by step, you...
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    Blood of Heroes

    Blood of Heroes PC

    Blood of Heroes pits the greatest heroes of an unforgiving borderline world against each other in intense PvP combat. Set in medieval Nordic arenas, fearsome warriors fight to the death in a quest for glory as players unleash an array of fighting styles and wield an arsenal of lethal weapons...
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    Chameleon Run

    Chameleon Run PC

    Alternative Titles: Chameleon Run: Deluxe Edition

    Chameleon Run is a unique, fast and challenging autorunner with a colorful twist. Jump, switch and run through expertly crafted levels that will have you running back for more. Your goal is to switch your color to match the ground as you run and jump from platform to platform. Sounds easy...
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    Truck Racing Championship

    Truck Racing Championship PC

    Alternative Titles: FIA European Truck Racing Championship

    The European Truck Racing Championship is one of the most spectacular and challenging motor racing competitions. The driving difficulty and many unique race features have been faithfully reproduced with the KT Engine (WRC). In ETRC, like on real-life race tracks, you need to control the temperature of your brakes so...
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    Gemdow Quest

    Gemdow Quest PC

    Will is a young wizard who lost his voice. So look for a wish-granting sphere to get it back. But there are many more people looking for it, even large organizations. What will happen when they cross the road? Is that sphere the only solution to people's problems?...
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    Godstrike PC

    In Godstrike you embody Talaal, the last of God's seven masks. Talaal finds her bearer just in time to fight against its siblings, that hunt her to absorb the power within the mask. The bearer is now trapped in a war that does not belong to her, a cycle that...
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    DX-Ball 2: 20th Anniversary Edition

    DX-Ball 2: 20th Anniversary Edition PC

    After more than 5 million downloads, the king of break-out games is back in a special 20th Anniversary Edition. Seumas McNally's fan-favourite DX-Ball 2 has been re-mastered for modern PCs while retaining all of the classic brick-breaking action and unique graphic style of the late 90's original....
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    The Old City: Leviathan

    The Old City: Leviathan PC

    The Old City: Leviathan is an experiment in first person exploration that focuses entirely on story. Everything else is secondary. All that exists is you and the world. Set in a decaying city from a civilization long past, The Old City: Leviathan puts the player in the shoes of a sewer...
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    The Shattering

    The Shattering PC

    You can’t remember anything. All you see is white around you. You hear a voice. You see a watch, swinging slowly in front of your eyes: “I know you think everything is alright, but tell me, how come you can’t even remember her name?” The Shattering places you in the mind of...
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    CBT With Yuuka Kazami: Patchouli Knowledge's Surprise

    CBT With Yuuka Kazami: Patchouli Knowledge's Surprise PC

    You decide to seek out someone who's been looking for you, that person is none other then Patchouli Knowledge! She seems to have a surprise prepared, but what could it be? Features: -Impeccable writing! -Captivating OST that makes you feel comfy! -Cute art!...
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    CBT With Yuuka Kazami

    CBT With Yuuka Kazami PC

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, also known as CBT, is the use of evidence based strategies to help manage symptoms of poor mental health problems such as stress, anxiety and depression. Yuuka Kazami from the Touhou Project invites you to some mostly peaceful lessons where you grasp the basics of CBT!...
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    Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion

    Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion PC

    Take control of an adorable turnip who happens to be an absolute menace to society. After failing to pay taxes and getting evicted from your home, you must go on an epic quest to pay back your massive debt to Mayor Onion. Garden tools to solve plantastic puzzles, meet eccentric...
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    AeternoBlade II: Director's Rewind

    AeternoBlade II: Director's Rewind PC

    Welcome Back to the World of Aeternoblade. Reclaim the power of time and defy the abyss in this sequel to the fast-paced action-puzzle game of Time-Manipulation Combat. AeternoBlade II: Director's Rewind expects a lot out of you. Combats, puzzles, or both demand a good understanding of game mechanics, robust strategies, quick...
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    AeternoBlade PC

    At Awelsia region, vengeful Freyja traveled with unknown weapon AeternoBlade to revenge Beladim, the Lord of Mist who had destroyed her village, Ridgerode, and killed all her tribes. Her vengence is helped by Vernia , who has same merit to Beladim, Vernia taught Freya about the ablility of AeternoBlade. Freya has to...
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    Taxi 3

    Taxi 3 PC

    Taxi 3 is based on the movie with the same title written by Luc Besson, directed by Gerard Krawczyk. The player takes on the role of the main character of the movie: Daniel, a taxi driver who has an overpowered customized car. Gameplay is simple: in a pursuit view Daniel...
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    Pool Paradise

    Pool Paradise PC

    Alternative Titles: Archer Maclean's Pool Paradise

    Penniless on an idyllic South Pacific desert island, you discover a variety of pool tables scattered around the beach and in various huts. On the beach, sheltered under the palm trees, is a practice table where you can enhance your skills and watch the waves rolling in. When you feel...
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    Mr. Driller: Drill Land

    Mr. Driller: Drill Land PC

    Alternative Titles: ミスタードリラー ドリルランド

    Like other games in the Mr. Driller series, Mr. Driller: Drill Land is a puzzle game. The objective of the game is to drill through square blocks in order to reach the bottom of a stage. Blocks have different colors: drilling a block of a certain color will also break...
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    International Superstar Soccer 3

    International Superstar Soccer 3 PC

    Come and be a part of Football. Feel the nerves in the tunnel and the excitement on the pitch. Immerse yourself with intuitive gameplay and realism for total footballing action. Experience the all new one-on-one situations and live the game. Pull off some amazing skills that really are pure football....
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    Frogger's Adventures: The Rescue

    Frogger's Adventures: The Rescue PC

    Frogger's Adventures: The Rescue goes beyond Firefly Swamp and brings a multiplayer mode to Frogger fans. The series' hop-'n'-dodge gameplay returns as Frogger travels across seven diverse worlds with more than 25 levels. Each of these worlds includes mysterious clues, challenging puzzles, and menacing enemies to slow down your progress....
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    The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

    The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles PC

    What is ‘The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles’? With all the fun and drama of the Ace Attorney series set against the backdrop of Victorian-era Britain and Japan, there's sure to be no "Objection!" to the adventures of Ryunosuke Naruhodo as he turns the courtroom upside down! Featuring an intriguing overarching mystery spanning...
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    Yon Paradox

    Yon Paradox PC

    What happens when a time machine goes crazy? Avoiding dangerous time paradoxes, your only hope is to repair the machine between the time rewinds. The antimatter instability causes a black wave of time-distortion, bringing you back in time: each time the cyber world will be populated by yourself and your past...
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    Yeli Orog

    Yeli Orog PC

    Yeli Orog is a short atmospheric FMV game about an immense archaeological discovery: A bizarre stone tablet written in the Celtiberian language found buried underneath an ancient dolmen in northern Spain. The inscription written on the tablet tells a ghoulish tale believed to be the Celtiberian origin myth. You play the...
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    Super Punchman

    Super Punchman PC

    I need to save myself and fly home, there's my wife and children. They are waiting for me, but I'm stuck on this planet ... Will you help me to get out of here? My missions are: 1. Destroy the monsters in my path, who do not like me. 2. Activate rescue beacons. 3....
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    Romguns PC

    In some low-welfare states, residents prefer to earn a living by kidnapping and extorting ransom from relatives. Every year, about 3 thousand people disappear. And one day they abducted the wife of Roman Rombo, a former commando, armed to the teeth, he went to save his beloved from the clutches...
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    Raywin PC

    Raywin is a 90's style 2d RPG. The story focuses around the main protagonist Raywin who, because of prophecy, has to go off to fight in the war of Salemsun and save the kingdom. Along the way he is accompanied by his friend Helena who he at first hates, but...
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    Pinkman PC

    Pinkman is a fast-paced, action platformer about a lost man with pink skin and an incredible skill to fart. Pinkman is set in a deadly fantasy world called "The Mind", where many hazards will try to cut your body in half while you struggle to discover what happened, and keep...
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