Knowledge, or know Lady

You, the "sole male student" at a women's university, are about to embark on a sweet and laughter-filled campus love journey from a first-person perspective! How will you resist the temptations of the beauties and create your own legend in this girls' school?

That Which Gave Chase

A first-person dog sledding thriller. Play as a sled dog musher hired to transport a scientist deep into the unforgiving wastes of the arctic.

Humans are not that against Lizardwomen

Once again vile lizards descended upon the lands of Hyperborea, and their plans are as wicked and perverse as ever! It's time to take a swig of the fortifying waters of Baikal and repel these reptile temptresses! We'll push them against the wall and show them the true might of...

YIIK Nameless Psychosis

Experience a sneak peek of YIIK I.V! Step beyond Alex Eggleston's story and become the Nameless Child, a young girl pushed from a mysterious tower. Guide her through a surreal dimension where she must find a way to save both the Good Brother and the Bad Brother.

Miss Neko: Pirates

Pirates ahead! The pirate girls on Skull Island have yet to witness the true extent of your prowess, Captain. Can you conquer them one by one with your ❤SKILLS❤ and plunder that precious treasure onto your ship?

Love X Crotch X Gym

With a well-toned physique, opportunities for romantic encounters will come knocking on their own. Just imagine, if one day you could spend two months in an all-female fitness center, serving as the exclusive one-on-one personal trainer for these VIP members. How wonderful would that be?

E-Girl RoomMate

E-girl RoomMate is an addictive hentai clicker game. Help the protagonist record videos for his daring roommate's OnlyFans profile. Purchase suggestive scenes and increase your success with power-ups in the shape of adorable kittens. Scale the heights of seduction in this clicker game for adults.

Tamas Awakening

Tamas awakening is a 2D visual novel where you play as a young psychologist who obtains a mysterious power to hypnotize people. You use this power to fuck all the girls around you, especially those who live with you. This game features lots and lots of impregnation and breeding dirty...


Confront your sorceress rivals and claim their magical 'essence' for your own in this fully-animated and voiced hentai card game!

Sheepy: A Short Adventure

A Short Handcrafted Pixel Art Platformer that follows Sheepy, an abandoned plushy brought to life, as he explores a forgotten and broken world. Sheepy: A Short Adventure is the first short game from MrSuicideSheep.

Content Warning

Get famous or die trying! Content Warning is a co-op horror game where you film spooky stuff with your friends to try and go viral. Squad up, customize your face with the ASCII face customiser, buy some gear and use the diving bell to go down to the Old World!...

Hiveswap Friendsim

Welcome to Hiveswap Friendsim, a darkly comedic episodic visual novel set in the Homestuck/Hiveswap universe, created by American author and artist Andrew Hussie. You’ve crash landed on a dangerous alien planet with no food, medicine, or prospects, but you do know one thing—you are absolutely desperate for friendship. Travel from...

Big Job

Big Job is an educational computer game centered around children’s construction. The player first signs in to the Big Job clubhouse and selects an adventure to start, including construction, farming, and fire rescues. Once signed in, they can enter the 3-D driving simulation where the player can play activities and...

Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Hunter Stories is an RPG that takes the world of Monster Hunter and expands upon it in new and exciting ways! No longer are you hunting monsters, but raising them! In this deep story featuring heroes known as Monster Riders, you will live alongside monsters and form lifelong bonds...

Celeste 64: Fragments of the Mountain

Relive the magic of Celeste Mountain alongside Madeline in this small, heartfelt 3D platformer. Created in a week(ish) by the Celeste team to celebrate the game's sixth anniversary.

One Girl’s Adventure in Another World! Alternative Titles: 少女の異世界大冒険!

Kanahara Yume, on her way home from her last day of high school, has an unexpected encounter... And finds herself... In an Other World!? She soon meets a young man with magical talent... And finds she must collect a huge sum of money to return home! This is only the...

Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut

In the late 13th century, the Mongol empire has laid waste to entire nations along their campaign to conquer the East. Tsushima Island is all that stands between mainland Japan and a massive Mongol invasion fleet led by the ruthless and cunning general, Khotun Khan. As the island burns in...

Penny's Big Breakaway

Ready. Set. YO! - Join Penny & Yo-Yo in a kinetic 3D-platformer bursting with innovative gameplay! Showcase your catalog of tricks and chain impressive combos to deliver Penny & Yo-Yo's perfect breakout performance. Take the stage with this vibrant pair in Penny’s Big Breakaway.

En Garde!

En Garde! – the swashbuckler action game! Battle graceless guards and nefarious noblemen in fast-paced fights full of spectacle. Use the environment, your wit and your blade to teach them all a lesson!

Luna ~NTR Dungeon Debt Repayment Life~ Alternative Titles: ルナ~NTRダンジョン借金返済暮らし~

Go on an adventure with Luna and her boyfriend to pay back debt and get married.

The Siren's Song

A married couple is given a generous offer to work on an island resort and bail out of their financial debt... but the hotel has a seedy reputation that must be overcome.

Delinquent Schoolgirl Anri Reincarnated in a Penal Colony of Virgins! Alternative Titles: Delinquent Schoolgirl Anri Reincarnated in a Penal Colony of Virgins!?

Schoolgirl Anri is the toughest, baddest delinquent around. However, as she gets caught up in beating down some punks threatening her boyfriend, the two of the them end up in the middle of the road. And, just her luck, a speeding truck happens to crash straight into them. When Anri...

Doronko Wanko Alternative Titles: DORONKO WANKO

『DORONKO WANKO』 is a DORONKO Action Game. In this game, You can become a cute, innocent Pomeranian, make your master's home messy and dirty. "Will the master be angry with me?" Don't worry. Because you are a sweet doggie.

Holo X Break

Fight your way through endless waves of holoX's minions! Gear up with all sorts of equipment and items in this action packed beat-em-up to reach the 5 bosses of hololive's "holoX", and put a stop to their plans!


Collect your favorite characters, nurture them, and have fun just watching in this hololive fan game! It's a 2D tower defense game that offers depth for dedicated players, strategic elements, and easy enjoyment for casual players.

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