Saku Saku: Love Blooms with the Cherry Blossoms

    Saku Saku: Love Blooms with the Cherry Blossoms PC

    A girl who cannot fall in love. A boy who has no interest in love. If they were to fall in love with each other, how would the world change? Springtime. Cherry blossom season. It is a time of first encounters and final partings, a time when buds are sprouting. But for Asaba Yuma, a...
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    Battle Fantasia

    Battle Fantasia PC

    Alternative Titles: Battle Fantasia: Revised Edition, バトルファンタジア, Batoru Fantajia

    There was once a time when the world was engulfed in darkness. Mankind fought six battles to save their world, but lost every single one. All hope was lost for humanity. But one day the darkness was finally driven back by the swords of four heroes. Light returned to the...
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    PixelJunk Monsters 2

    PixelJunk Monsters 2 PC

    In the acclaimed tower defense series' first ever official sequel, play as Tikiman and build towers to defend your Tiki Hut from the monster hordes. The sequel brings with it FOUR PLAYER online co-op, new and sometimes quite explosive fruit bombs and on top of that the game has been...
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    Fabulous: Angela's High School Reunion

    Fabulous: Angela's High School Reunion PC

    Join Angela on a time management trip down memory lane and get swept off your feet by 60 story levels, 24 challenge levels, and, for the first time, 6 endless levels! Whether you're working on a new fashion line, or serving food across 6 fabtastic chapters, you'll be part of...
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    Mary Le Chef: Cooking Passion

    Mary Le Chef: Cooking Passion PC

    In Mary le Chef - Cooking Passion you'll enjoy 60 restaurant levels, and 30 extra challenge stages across 6 charming chapters. Prepare 70 different dishes, and upgrade your restaurants and menus. While cooking all those tasty recipes, you get to watch a wonderful story unfold. Mary works at large law firm...
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    Chasm PC

    Welcome to Chasm, an action-adventure game in which you play a new recruit undertaking your first mission for the Guildean Kingdom. Thrilled to prove your worth as a knight, you track strange rumors that a mine vital to the Kingdom has been shut down. But what you discover in the...
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    Q.U.B.E. 2

    Q.U.B.E. 2 PC

    Alternative Titles: QUBE 2

    Q.U.B.E. 2 is the sequel to the hit first-person puzzle game Q.U.B.E. You are Amelia Cross, a stranded archaeologist who has mysteriously awoken among the sand swept ruins of an ancient alien landscape. Together with the distant help of another survivor, Commander Emma Sutcliffe, you must traverse and manipulate the...
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    LiEat II

    LiEat II PC

    Alternative Titles: LiEat: The Lie-Eating Dragon & the Azure Dreameater

    Chapter II finds Efina and Hal (formerly Leo) investigating rumors of something magical and possibly dangerous inside a resort casino. Posing as a newly-assigned guard, Hal arranges room and board for himself and Efina―however, they quickly come to the jarring realization that a roof over one’s head and a bed...
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    LiEat III

    LiEat III PC

    Alternative Titles: LiEat: The Lie-Eating Dragon & the Gold Thief

    The final chapter of LiEat brings Efina and the newly rechristened Sid (Leo/Hal) to a lavish mansion to foil the plans of a master thief. However, in the wake of the great robbery, Sid discovers that the heist itself was only the tip of the iceberg, and Efina watches as...
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    Hytale PC

    Embark on a journey of adventure and creativity. Hytale combines the scope of a sandbox with the depth of a roleplaying game, immersing players in a procedurally generated world where teetering towers and deep dungeons promise rich rewards. Hytale supports everything from block-by-block construction to scripting and minigame creation, delivered...
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    Truberbrook: A Nerd Saves the World

    Truberbrook: A Nerd Saves the World PC

    »Trüberbrook« is a thrilling mystery-sci-fi adventure game. Enjoy an adventurous vacation to a 1960's parallel universe! A Sci-Fi-Mystery Adventure Game with handmade scenery. Imagine yourself on a vacation to Europe in the late sixties. Now, picture yourself as a young American scientist; Hans Tannhauser. Yes, that's your name in this scenario. While...
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    Momodora II

    Momodora II PC

    MOMODORA II is the second installment in the Momodora series. It abandons the previous arcade-like progression for some gameplay that focuses slightly more on exploration. Momodora II follows the story of Momo, a priestess who is on a mission to banish evil nearby her home village....
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    Momodora PC

    Momodora I is the first game in the Momodora series. The game follows the story of Isadora, an orphaned child who goes into a forbidden land to attempt to ressurect her mother. It's meant to be challenging like an "arcade" game. The game takes a lot of inspiration from other titles...
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    Iron Man / X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal

    Iron Man / X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal PC

    In IRON MAN or X-O MANOWAR IN HEAVY METAL, the world is under attack and only Iron Man and X-O Manowar can save the planet. You can choose either character and battle through eight levels that take place in exotic locales like Nuclear Plant, Stark Enterprises, New York City, Rain...
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    The Eyes of Ara

    The Eyes of Ara PC

    Lose yourself in a stunning puzzle adventure set in a gorgeous 3D environment. Explore a vast, ancient castle riddled with secret vaults and hidden rooms. Solve elaborate puzzles, uncover lost treasures, and unravel a mystery bridging the scientific and the arcane. Alone on a remote island stands a weathered castle. For...
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    Battle Princess Madelyn

    Battle Princess Madelyn PC

    Madelyn, Madelyn, it's time to get up! You have a big journey ahead of you, saving us all from an evil wizard. You've trained for this day, and the ghost of your pet dog, Fritzy, will remain by your side. We believe in you! All good adventures need a hero, and...
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    Hikikomori No Chuunibyou

    Hikikomori No Chuunibyou PC

    Hikikomori No Chuunibyou is a pseudo 8-bit platform-adventure game with beat-em-up, puzzle, and stealth elements. With its storytelling directing the player through open-ended levels, progression through each stage requires usage of parkour-like abilities and martial-arts techniques....
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    Copy Kitty

    Copy Kitty PC

    Boki can copy the special abilities of any foe and then combine up to 3 of them into a unique super-weapon! Blast through hordes of evil robots in cyberspace, while training to become a superhero!...
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    All-Star Fruit Racing

    All-Star Fruit Racing PC

    Go bananas for a jaw-dropping, lightning-fast kart racer for all ages and abilities! All-Star Fruit Racing propels players into vibrant worlds filled with incredible action: drift through looping bends, soar over monumental jumps and defy gravity itself around tubular tracks in an explosively colorful racer bursting with championships, modes and awe-inspiring...
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    Witch Hunt

    Witch Hunt PC

    Witch Hunt is a challenging horror themed hunting game that takes place in the 18th century. Main focus of the game is on exploration, non-linearity, and atmosphere. Witch Hunt features lite RPG elements in form of a financial system and a skill system. You play as a witch hunter who took...
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    Loca-Love My Cute Roommate

    Loca-Love My Cute Roommate PC

    Loca-Love is a kinetic visual novel (without any branching routes) with art by Nanaca Mai, of Corona Blossom and Grisaia fame, and a story by Japanese writer Hozumi Kei, famous for his sweet and romantic love stories. It follows the exciting but slightly awkward love life of protagonist Aoi Ichitaro...
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    SpaceKids PC

    SpaceKids is a children's entertainment/educational game. In this interactive cartoon, two Kids, Zeedle and Deet, have gone from the moon to Earth to look for their lost Grandpa; Grandpa is a famous space explorer, and the Kids are taking their saucer to go find him....
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    Shin Megami Tensei: Synchronicity Prologue

    Shin Megami Tensei: Synchronicity Prologue PC

    Taking place during the events of Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey, Jack Frost is synchronized with the mind of a human in order to traverse and fight demon hordes. He rescues the non-synchronized Jack o' Lantern after he was frozen by Black Frost, who decimated all the Jacks that previously...
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    Hell Cab

    Hell Cab PC

    Alternative Titles: Hellcab

    In Hell Cab the player controls a traveler who was about to board a plane in the JFK airport when an announcement came that the plane was delayed. The man decides to take a cab ride through New York. Unfortunately, his driver turns out to be the minion of Satan...
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    La Rana

    La Rana PC

    Long ago the Temple of Rana brought rain and prosperity to the world. Now it stands neglected, its source of power stolen away. You awaken as the temple’s last guardian, a small frog spirit. The lost power of Rana lies before you at the temple’s base. Using the last drops...
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    Mochi Mochi Boy

    Mochi Mochi Boy PC

    Stretch? Slide! Solve puzzles , Collect slimes! Mochi Mochi boy is a puzzle game where you fill all the tiles in a stage to progress. Stretch , twist and warp your way through ​a series of puzzling stages while collecting a cast of cute slimes along the way....
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    Incredible Mandy

    Incredible Mandy PC

    Incredible Mandy explores the memories of a brother and sister, buried deeply within their dreams; every dream represents an untold secret. Experience a fantastic adventure across vast landscapes. From mountain peaks to deep canyons, from sea shores to hidden corridors, search for clues and solve innovative puzzles; use the sword in...
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    Spoorky PC

    Create, share and discover unlimited adventures with Spoorky! Prepare your sword to lead world tournaments and obtain rewards by defeating level creators. Join the global community and compete to be the best player or the best creator!...
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    The Other Half

    The Other Half PC

    A dark fantasy action adventure where you unbury a tale of intimacy and violence in order to cleanse a demonic infestation from a once-beautiful land. A Demon Hunter receives a letter from Daniel, a man begging for help against a demonic infestation from the mountain that he calls home. The...
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    Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare

    Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare PC

    Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare is set in a chaos filled world occupied by battling factions, bandits and warlords who seek to rule the world. The game is about your career as a faction leader: Start with minimal assets, you need to make money, build an army, wage wars against other factions and...
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    Titanic Mystery

    Titanic Mystery PC

    Alternative Titles: 1912: Titanic Mystery

    A bomb is aboard the Titanic II, a replica of the famous cruise ship! You are the sole person who can find where the bomb is concealed. Save the ship, and all aboard, during its maiden journey across the Atlantic Ocean. Search for Hidden Objects among original locations around the...
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    Party Hard 2

    Party Hard 2 PC

    Welcome back to the extended Party Hard universe! Choose from hundreds of ways of dealing with noisy partygoers, incidentally destroy a drug syndicate, and save the Earth from an alien invasion. May the chickens be with you! You just want to get some sleep... But it's 3am, and once again your...
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    The Lion's Song

    The Lion's Song PC

    The Lion’s Song is a narrative adventure game. It is set against the backdrop of early 20th century Austria with every episode following a different character. The Lion's Song is a series of four self-contained point & click stories connected into an overarching narrative, where player choices will affect the way...
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    System Shock: Enhanced Edition

    System Shock: Enhanced Edition PC

    A first-person fight to the death in the depths of space. You're a renowned hacker, the most notorious cyberspace thief in the corporate world. Caught during a risky break-in, you become indentured to Diego, a greedy Trioptium exec who bankrolls a rare cyberjack implant operation. After six months in a healing...
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    URO PC

    There was a world where URO alone lives. However, the color and sound disappeared from the world from one day. When wearing a glowing ornament, URO is wrapped in color and music I notice that music and colors are gone from the world. To regain music and color to the...
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    Equilinox PC

    Equilinox is a relaxing nature simulation game in which you can create and nurture your own ecosystems. Shape the world to your liking, cultivate and raise hundreds of different species, and evolve your wildlife to unlock more exotic plants and animals. Every plant and animal has its own life-cycle, behaviors and...
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    Feudal Alloy

    Feudal Alloy PC

    Attu is an ordinary farmer robot who lives in a small cottage in sunflower fields. He had been living a simple but pleasant life until a bunch of outlaws attacked the village, stole their oil supplies and burnt his house. Fortunately, he managed to grab his old sword and fled into...
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    Ashen (2018)

    Ashen (2018) PC

    Alternative Titles: Ashen

    Ashen is an action RPG about a wanderer in search of a place to call home. This is a world where nothing lasts, no matter how tightly you cling to it. Players may cross paths with one another, and choose to guide those they trust to their camp, encouraging them...
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    Deep Space Waifu: Nekomimi

    Deep Space Waifu: Nekomimi PC

    The theme now is CAT GIRLS! WISHLIST NOW! This is a simple SUPER CASUAL shmmup meant to be played even with one-hand. This game is a new incarnation of the beloved series Deep Space Waifu! The King Bear is back to present times with a new team. NEKO RESCUE TEAM! Lots of Neko Girls...
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    Munin PC

    Imagine you could move mountains - literally! With realistic physics, Norse runes, rotating platforms and a lot of gray cells you'll help Munin, Odin's messenger in her very own 2D-adventure, to reclaim her power on a journey through Yggdrasil. VENTURE TO A WORLD OF NORSE MYTHOLOGY Munin the raven, faithful messenger to...
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    Evolva PC

    This is the Future... Mankind has mastered genetic engineering. Take control of a team of genetically modified warriors called GenoHunters and guide them through awe-inspiring worlds. Genos can adapt to any situation by mutating at will, acquiring new weapons and abilities as desired by absorbing DNA. You have twelve organic worlds...
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    Titan Quest: Ragnarök

    Titan Quest: Ragnarök PC

    At long last, Titan Quest continues its epic journey through the world of antiquity. A mysterious threat calls the heroes of Hades to the uncharted lands of northern Europe, where new enemies await and new powers and treasures are waiting to be found! This new expansion to the acclaimed Anniversary Edition...
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    This is the Police 2

    This is the Police 2 PC

    Alternative Titles: This is the Police II

    Interpret the law as you see fit in This Is the Police 2, sequel to the acclaimed noir drama This Is the Police! Run the sheriff’s department, manage your cops, investigate, interrogate, incarcerate, make tough decisions – and try to keep out of prison yourself! – in this story-driven mixture...
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    Crystal City: Stop The Earth, I'm Getting Off

    Crystal City: Stop The Earth, I'm Getting Off PC

    Alternative Titles: Crystal City

    You are young and smart but your thick-lensed glasses make you a persona non-grata at the feast of life. Nonetheless, an unexpected chance turns up for you to become a man. The only thing is, during sex you find out that having it teleports you to other worlds... which you’ll...
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    Grapple Force Rena

    Grapple Force Rena PC

    In this unique action platformer, use Rena's magical 'grappling bracelets' to latch onto any surface - not confined to specific 'grapple points', you can swing freely through the game's varied environments. You'll come up against some fierce foes, but don't fret! By grabbing enemies and tossing them into each other,...
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    NAIRI: Tower of Shirin

    NAIRI: Tower of Shirin PC

    Welcome to the opening of the NAIRI saga! Let us tell you the story of Nairi, an upper class lady who escaped the city and now lives among the people. Meeting Rex, her gangster-turned-scholar sidekick, they worked together to uncover the secrets behind the Tower of Shirin, solving puzzles and making...
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    Kingdom: Two Crowns

    Kingdom: Two Crowns PC

    In the award-winning Kingdom series, players took on the role of a monarch struggling to build their kingdom up from nothing. Hundreds of thousands of players across the world explored, recruited loyal subjects, and defended nightly against the persistent threat of the Greed – but they did so in isolation,...
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    Dude, Stop

    Dude, Stop PC

    "Dude, Stop" is a puzzle game, where the main goal is to not follow the rules and make everybody hate you. Break it, abuse it, skip the tutorial, ignore tips and tricks in the loading menu and - most importantly! - mute the narrator. For example, stop reading this paragraph and...
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    Gris is a hopeful young girl lost in her own world, dealing with a painful experience in her life. Her journey through sorrow is manifested in her dress, which grants new abilities to better navigate her faded reality. As the story unfolds, Gris will grow emotionally and see her world...
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    Finding summer

    Finding summer PC

    Finding summer - a three-dimensional platformer about a kid named Aki , whose nostalgia for the past summer forced him to go on an unforgettable adventure - in search of summer! On the way to his goal, he will meet not only many dangers, but also make new friends. And...
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