Neverwinter: Lost City of Omu

    Neverwinter: Lost City of Omu PC

    Lost City of Omu is Neverwinter's thirteenth official expansion. The location of the Lost City of Omu has been revealed! Adventurers from across the Sword Coast have traveled to Chult in search of a cure for the mysterious death curse that prevents resurrection and causes those brought back from the dead...
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    FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport

    FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport PC

    FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport is a motorsport simulator for PC on Windows platform Competitions in drifting as Players vs Players cyber sport challenge. This is a real-time online multiplayer simulator with unique next gen realistic car physics. TECHNOLOGIES VR support coming soon! Motion Simulator support (authentic...
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    My Hero One's Justice

    My Hero One's Justice PC

    Fight, for every justice—. My Hero Academia appears as a battle action game where Quirks collide! Experience diverse battles on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC through realistic stage destruction by using superhuman powers called ‘Quirks,’ and take full advantage of the buildings and walls placed throughout the...
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    Rage 2

    Rage 2 PC

    Dive headfirst into a dystopian world devoid of society, law, and order. RAGE 2 brings together two studio powerhouses Avalanche Studios, masters of open world insanity, and id Software, the gods of the first-person shooter to deliver a carnival of carnage where you can go anywhere, shoot anything, and explode...
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    City of Brass

    City of Brass PC

    First-Person Arabian Nights Rogue-Lite! Become a daring thief in City of Brass, a first-person action adventure from senior BioShock developers. Armed with scimitar and a versatile whip, you’ll lash and slash, bait and trap your way to the heart of an opulent, Arabian Nights-themed metropolis – or face certain death as...
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    Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass

    Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass PC

    Featuring the world-renowned signature Serious Sam gameplay on a brutally bigger scale, and not a single desert level, Planet Badass will make its debut @ E3 2018....
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    The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset

    The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset PC

    The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset is the next Chapter of ZeniMax Online Studios' award-winning online RPG, The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). This new adventure in the ESO saga will send adventurers and their friends to the Summerset Isle, to visit and explore the ancestral home of the high elves for...
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    Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection

    Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection PC

    Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the iconic Street Fighter franchise with the ultimate tribute to its arcade legacy in the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection. This content-rich all-in-one package highlights the series' past in an anthology of 12 classic titles with arcade-perfect balancing including the original Street Fighter, Street Fighter...
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    Street Racing Syndicate

    Street Racing Syndicate PC

    Alternative Titles: SRS: Street Racing Syndicate

    From fancy cars to beautiful import models, Street Racing Syndicate delivers the fast-paced world of street racing. You can race for money, pink slips, and more through the streets of LA, Philadelphia, and Miami. With each win, you'll earn cash, respect, and the affections of real-world street racing models. Use...
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    Keef the Thief

    Keef the Thief PC

    Alternative Titles: Keef the Thief: A Boy and His Lockpick

    The Dangerous Adventures, Daring Exploits, and Delinquent Behavior of Keef the Thief. Stunning scenes of wealth beyond imagining! Cunning horrors in dungeon corridors! Running like a bunny when things get too tough! In taverns, cups runneth over, patrons falleth over, and adventurers blabbeth over and over. Some folks are nice...
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    Rapala Fishing Pro Series

    Rapala Fishing Pro Series PC

    Compete in world-class tournaments and daily challenges all to improve your skills by earning bonus money to climb the ranks and become a professional angler for the 1 fishing brand in the world. Build your reputation, gain sponsors, battle for awards and trophies as you try to catch the top...
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    Morph Girl

    Morph Girl PC

    Morph Girl is an FMV Point And Click/Visual Novel developed as a homage to 90/00's low-fi Japanese horror movies. Inspired by home VHS tapes, Morph Girl intends to evoke the most personal fears surrounding the presence of the unknown within one's home. Elana Pierce is a grieving widow that cannot seem...
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    Galaxy Girls

    Galaxy Girls PC

    Waking on board a spaceship, you have a mission to achieve, stolen from your life, the only way back is to succeed. And so begins the voyage of the Galaxy Girls. ● Yuri visual novel game with sexy content. ● A cute and fun well written story-line. ● Multiple routes and choices that affect...
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    Blossoms Bloom Brightest

    Blossoms Bloom Brightest PC

    Three strangers are thrust into an unexpected situation togetherthey awaken only to find themselves on a spaceship called the Blossom. A mysterious journey lies ahead of them; what misadventures will they experience over the next two weeks? ● Two to three hours of gameplay. ● Two routes. ● Four endings. ● Four CGs. ● Partial voice...
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    9 Clues: The Secret of Serpent Creek

    9 Clues: The Secret of Serpent Creek PC

    9 Clues: The Secret of Serpent Creek is an original hidden-object puzzle-adventure game, featuring a totally unique Detective Mode. This thrilling mystery merges elements of classical horror and gritty, 50’s-style noir. A paranormal private investigator is contacted by her friend, famous reporter Helen Hunter, whose voice sounds small and terrified in...
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    Rapala Pro Fishing

    Rapala Pro Fishing PC

    Grab your tackle box, launch the bass boat and LET'S GO! Rapala Pro Fishing sets the standard for all fishing games. Never before has a fishing game brought you all this: authentic Rapala fishing gear, guided fishing trips with Rapala's Pro Staff and a BOATLOAD OF ACTION! Time to set...
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    12 Labours of Hercules VII: Fleecing the Fleece

    12 Labours of Hercules VII: Fleecing the Fleece PC

    In the seventh installment of the 12 Labours of Hercules series, Jason and his friend Hercules have set out to steal the Golden Fleece from the land of Colchis. Together, they will need to build a ship and guide it through a treacherous sea to reach their destination. Chop wood from...
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    12 Labours of Hercules VI: Race for Olympus

    12 Labours of Hercules VI: Race for Olympus PC

    Panic ensues throughout Olympus once news of Zeus' abduction breaks. Hercules and Megara embark on a mission to locate their missing ruler. Join them on an adventure that spans from snowy peaks to active volcanoes. Find the villain that kidnapped Zeus and restore order to the kingdom of Olympus! ● Stunning full...
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    12 Labours of Hercules V: Kids of Hellas

    12 Labours of Hercules V: Kids of Hellas PC

    The peaceful living of Hercules and Megara is interrupted by mighty god of war, Ares. He asks Hercules to help him conquer the world by leading the great army. As soon as Hercules declines, Ares finds a way to avenge. By using enchanted toys, he zombifies the kids of Hellas so...
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    12 Labours of Hercules IV: Mother Nature

    12 Labours of Hercules IV: Mother Nature PC

    The legendary hero Hercules and his wife Megara are back, ready to embark on their next adventure! The Gods are outraged at their defeat and have summoned a fearsome beast who can match Hercules's god-like strength. The beast has trampled the countryside, turning lush gardens into desert wastelands! Restore the...
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    12 Labours of Hercules III: Girl Power

    12 Labours of Hercules III: Girl Power PC

    A hero from Ancient Greece, Hercules, is fighting the great beast Scylla, when lurking Charybdis captures his friend Cerberus! Then, unseen by Hercules, takes the hero himself. The only chance for Hercules is his wife Megara. Help Megara free the hero and then accompany him in all of his adventures, including...
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    12 Labours of Hercules II: The Cretan Bull

    12 Labours of Hercules II: The Cretan Bull PC

    The evil goddess Hera has frightened the great Cretan bull! The bull is going wild and ruining the roads and many buildings. Help Hercules save the day by taming the great Cretan Bull. Meet heroes, gods, fight beasts and build Wonders! Collect and solve incredible puzzles. Enjoy colorful comics and...
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    12 Labours of Hercules

    12 Labours of Hercules PC

    Accompany Hercules on a quest to rescue his wife, kidnapped by the evil Hades in 12 Labours of Hercules! You'll meet heroes from Ancient Greece as you vanquish beasts, repair roads and construct wonders in this stunning Time Management game! No magical creatures were harmed in the making of the game....
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    Rad Rodgers

    Rad Rodgers PC

    Rad is a rambunctious but spirited young boy who maybe plays too many video games. After dozing off at the tail end of a long night of gaming, Rad awakens to find his dusty old console has turned itself back on. Suddenly a vortex emerges and he's sucked into his...
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    Ironsight PC

    Ironsight is a futuristic military First Person Shooter game based on the battle over natural resources between armed forces and private military corporation, equipped with cutting-edge weapons and drone systems. The realistic gameplay will throw the player into the middle of intense situations as the player progresses through various different...
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    Demolish & Build 2018

    Demolish & Build 2018 PC

    Your company is going global. Use big machines to demolish huge buildings or go close and personal and use your hammer. Buy land properties, upgrade your machines and hire workers in different parts of the world. - Various construction and demolition machines - 4 different world locations with freely navigable world - Hire...
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    Demolish & Build 2017

    Demolish & Build 2017 PC

    Alternative Titles: Demolish & Build Company 2017

    Become a boss of Demolition & Build company. Destroy small wooden huts and huge concrete buildings. Manage your workers. Invest earned cash in your own land properties and rent them for profit in open sandbox world. Use various hand tools, buy new machines and customize their parts for specialized tasks. -...
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    Strange Brigade

    Strange Brigade PC

    Egypt, 1930's. Erased from ancient history and buried in a nameless tomb for 4,000 years, Seteki the Witch Queen has risen once again. Only one troop of daring heroes can stand against the fearsome power of Seteki and her army of mummified monstrosities: The Strange Brigade! Explore remarkable ruins, solve perilous puzzles...
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    Splatter - Blood Red Edition

    Splatter - Blood Red Edition PC

    Alternative Titles: Splatter - Zombie Apocalypse, Splatter

    Splatter is a top-down-shooter with a film-noir-singleplayer-campaign. Fight against all kinds of monsters hordes with a huge arsenal of weapons, all with top of the line physics-based splatter effects and destructible level environments. Meet interesting characters, accomplish dozens of side quests, engage boss fights and upgrade your weapons. The zombies fear light,...
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    Megabyte Punch

    Megabyte Punch PC

    Megabyte Punch is a fighting/beat ‘em up game in which you build your own fighter! As you travel through different environments, you battle other creatures to get their parts. Parts have their own powers and bonuses, like gun arms for a shoot ability or powerful hips for a devastating pelvic thrust...
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    Sparkle 2 Evo

    Sparkle 2 Evo PC

    Alternative Titles: The Sarkle 2 Evo, Sparkle 2: EVO

    Control the evolution with the touch of your finger. Climb your way through the evolutional ladder. Start as a little organism and transform into a magnificent aquatic being. Explore the abyss in search of nutritional elements. Attack other species whenever you run out of other food sources. Enjoy beautiful surreal...
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    The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II

    The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II PC

    Peace is but a memory. In the wake of the Noble Faction’s occupation of Heimdallr, civil war has broken out across Erebonia. The provincial armies, loyal to the aristocracy and the Four Great Houses, have claimed many of the nation’s great cities in the name of the Noble Alliance. The Imperial...
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    NS2: Combat

    NS2: Combat PC

    Alternative Titles: Natural Selection 2: Combat

    NS2: Combat pits aliens against space marines in a fast paced, action-packed struggle for survival. Part twitch-shooter, part stealth crawler, design your own tech tree, choose your own style of play, and control one of seven different life forms. Try unique abilities such as 'Devour', where the largest alien eats her...
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    Panzer Corps: Allied Corps

    Panzer Corps: Allied Corps PC

    Panzer Corps: Allied Corps is an expansion for existing Panzer Corps owners and a full stand-alone for new players. Allied Corps includes more than 25 new scenarios, over 50 new regular and special elite units, and modified version of existing units to cover the entire war in detail from the...
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    Panzer Corps

    Panzer Corps PC

    Alternative Titles: Panzer Corps: Wehrmacht

    Panzer Corps Wehrmacht is the award-winning turn-based strategy game that the press has called “…nothing short of brilliant” and “the spiritual successor to the Panzer General series”, with high rankings and praise around the world. Brought to fruition by a team of experts and a community of hundreds of fans,...
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    Dink Smallwood

    Dink Smallwood PC

    Play as Dink Smallwood in this hack-and-slash style role-playing game. When Dink's world gets swarmed with monsters, the player must stand up and try to put a stop to it. The game can be controlled with a keyboard, joystick, or gamepad. Kill monsters, talk to people, and cast spells....
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    Nurse Love Addiction

    Nurse Love Addiction PC

    Asuka Osachi, a ditzy and easy-going girl, graduates from high school and enrolls in Teito Nursing School along with her younger sister, Nao. With their two classmates Itsuki and Sakuya and their instructor Kaede, the girls will experience what it means to be an adult... and a nurse. They'll laugh...
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    Kromaia PC

    The frantic old-school action of classic coin-op shoot-‘em-ups comes crashing headlong into the 21st century with Kromaia. Explosive high-octane blasting combines with hordes of enemies in a 360˚ environment, allowing you to fly, spin and shoot anywhere and everywhere! Where most shooters see you racing along a fixed path to blast...
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    Sven Co-op

    Sven Co-op PC

    Sven Co-op is a co-operative game originally based around Valve Software's Half-Life. In this game players must work together against computer controlled enemies and solve puzzles as a team. While Sven Co-op is similar to Half-Life with similar weapons, monsters, and characters, the difficulty has been increased to suit team...
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    Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax

    Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax PC

    Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax is an engaging 1-4 player couch co-op action shooter game, combining SHMUP and Brawler-like gameplay with light RPG elements. Choose from different game modes, gameplay settings, mechs, weapons and upgrades to customize your experience freely. Soar through space, defeat evil and save the future... from...
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    Guardians of Orion

    Guardians of Orion PC

    Guardians of Orion is a Sci-Fi MMORPG Shooter featuring Cooperative, Competitive, Social and Dog-fighting Gameplay! Guardians of Orion takes place half a century from now and allows you to explore The New Solar System. Rich with an unlimited and renewable clean energy source, Ion Crystals generated by the star of...
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    Majotori PC

    Lariat the witch will make your wish will come true if you win a game of nerdy trivia, but if you lose, something dark will happen instead. How many lives will your ignorance ruin? Majotori is a narratrivia, an original little game that adds an interactive narrative to a quiz game....
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    Doorways: Holy Mountains of Flesh

    Doorways: Holy Mountains of Flesh PC

    Doorways: Holy Mountains of Flesh is an Immersive Horror Adventure, featuring a complex story and deep atmosphere. Juan Torres and his family were the target of an uncountable number of rumors and several disappearances that took place in El Chacal, a small village of around 4,800 inhabitants, located in the arid...
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    Receiver PC

    Receiver was created for the 7-day FPS challenge to explore gun handling mechanics, randomized levels, and unordered storytelling. Armed only with a handgun and an audio cassette player, you must uncover the secrets of the Mindkill in a building complex infested with automated turrets and hovering shock drones....
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    Ghost of a Tale

    Ghost of a Tale PC

    Ghost of a Tale is an action-RPG game in which you play as Tilo, a mouse and minstrel caught up in a perilous adventure. The game takes place in a medieval world populated only by animals, and puts an emphasis on immersion and exploration. It features stealth elements, disguises, conversations...
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    Graze Counter

    Graze Counter PC

    Graze the enemy’s bullets, Charge them head-on, and Wreak Havoc! An exhilarating and dangerous shoot-em-up! This is a game for those with courage and survival instinct! It is the 23rd century, and the virtual network “EDEN” has brought about an era of peace and prosperity. One day, it refuses access from...
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    Hello Charlotte: Childhood's End

    Hello Charlotte: Childhood's End PC

    Alternative Titles: Hello Charlotte EP3: Childhood's End

    Hello Charlotte is a sci-fi psychological thriller series where you, a Puppeteer, take care of your Puppet, Charlotte, in a world of false gods, magcats, obnoxious romance novels, conspiracies and TV commercials. Hello Charlotte EP3: Childhood's End is the third installment of the Hello Charlotte series, and the final episode in...
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    Morphopolis PC

    Lose yourself in the mesmerizing, fantastical world of Morphopolis, a game about transformation and discovery. Morphopolis takes you through a lucid insect world in a puzzle adventure that will stick with you for years. You take on the role of an aphid grub and guide him through several stages of metamorphosis,...
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    Hidden Folks

    Hidden Folks PC

    Search for hidden folks in hand-drawn, interactive, miniature landscapes. Unfurl tent flaps, cut through bushes, slam doors, and poke some crocodiles! Rooooaaaarrrr!!!!! A strip of targets shows you what to look for. Click on a target for a hint, and find enough to unlock the next area....
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    Omikron: The Nomad Soul

    Omikron: The Nomad Soul PC

    Alternative Titles: The Nomad Soul

    The futuristic city of Omikron on the planet Phaenon is sprawling beneath a huge crystal dome. It was erected to protect the city against the ice age which descended upon the planet after its sun ceased to exist. In the beginning of the game the player is contacted by an...
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