A Rite from the Stars

    A Rite from the Stars PC

    Help Kirm, a mute boy from the Makoa Tribe at the remote Island of Kaikala, to overcome a terrifying challenge: becoming an adult! To achieve that goal, he will need to go through a rite of passage composed of three paths that he will have to master: Wisdom, Courage, and...
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    Arena of Heroes

    Arena of Heroes PC

    * "For a gamer who has lots of other games and responsibilities in his life, it's hard to say no to such a fun little package..." - Massively * "Sneaky Games changes MOBA formula for mobile with Arena of Heroes" - Inside Mobile Apps ---------------- FEATURES: * Free to play * Epic PVP squad-based tactical...
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    Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai

    Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai PC

    Alternative Titles: 星織ユメミライ

    Ryousuke moved back to his hometown of Shionagi, which he had been away from for seven years, and transferred into his new school in the middle of the summer. He reunited with his childhood friend Marika, met the sole astronomy club member Sora and made new friends among his classmates....
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    Babylon 2055 Pinball

    Babylon 2055 Pinball PC

    Babylon Pinball ! Incredibly realistic physics 9 different table game mini-modes 6 original tables 1 endless special table Each table game mini-mode features a special gameplay : Big Points Black Line ...
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    Duck Season PC

    Duck Season PC PC

    The full VR game, completely playable on your traditional monitor without the need of a VR setup. Plus additional new hunting game types! It is Summer 1988 and your mom has just rented the coolest new game for your Kingbit Entertainment System. As you play over the course of the day...
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    Trojan PC

    Prepare yourself for exciting confrontation with the ancient evil army. You are at the controls. The fate of throngs of suffering people held hostage by the brutal king's troops await freedom by TROJAN™! You manipulate the controls, creating movement of TROJAN™'s protective armored shield and the wielding of his shining sword. Filled...
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    Popeye and the Quest for the Woolly Mammoth

    Popeye and the Quest for the Woolly Mammoth PC

    There's a million-dollar prize for catching the prehistoric woolly mammoth, and the spinach-scarfing sailor and his crew are setting sail to find it. At different points throughout the movie you get to choose the actions of Popeye, Olive Oyl, Swee' Pea to determine the outcome of the story. Will they...
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    Popeye 2 (1992)

    Popeye 2 (1992) PC

    Alternative Titles: Popeye 2

    Strange happenings are afoot once again in Sweethaven and only Popeye can make it right. In Popeye 2, our spinach lovin' hero must once again rescue Olive Oyl and make mincemeat of Bluto while looking after Swee'Pea, feeding Wimpy and keeping an eye on Jeep. Popeye has four different levels to...
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    Our World Is Ended.

    Our World Is Ended. PC

    A Story with Catastrophic Consequences Our World is Ended follows Judgement 7, a team of young developers working on a brand new game engine called the W.O.R.L.D program. When wearing an Augmented Reality headset, this revolutionary program changes the landscape in real time. When Reiji, the game part-time director, tries the program...
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    R-Type Final 2

    R-Type Final 2 PC

    R-Type Final 2 is an upcoming horizontal shooter video game in development by Granzella and licensed by Irem Software Engineering. The game is currently planned to be released via digital distribution for the PlayStation 4, with additional consoles planned for development. It will be the latest game in the R-Type...
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    Gakuen Heaven 2 ~Double Scramble!~

    Gakuen Heaven 2 ~Double Scramble!~ PC

    Alternative Titles: Gakuen Heaven 2: Double Scramble, 学園ヘヴン2 ~DOUBLE SCRAMBLE!~

    "Please, protect this school--" Bell Liberty School, known as BL School. A near-legendary boarding school attended by elite students chosen from all over the country. By some stroke of luck, I, Yuki Asahina, am among those chosen to attend this school. But on my first day, I was suddenly given a mysterious...
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    Hadaka Shitsuji ~Yarashitsuji & Yasashitsuji~

    Hadaka Shitsuji ~Yarashitsuji & Yasashitsuji~ PC

    Alternative Titles: Hadaka Shitsuji: Yarashitsuji & Yasashitsuji, 裸執事ファンディスク~やらしつじ&やさしつじ~

    The game is split into 2 sides. Gentle side and Uncertain side. The gentle side continues the individual 'light' endings for each butler and the Uncertain side follows a week after the true ending. The gentle side is told from the butlers point of view while the uncertain side is told from...
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    Ripper PC

    Jack's back. In 2040, a vicious serial killer stalks the mean streets of New York, eviscerating his victims and vanishing without a trace. The Police are baffled, the city paralyzed with fear. Only you, as crime reporter Jack Quinlan, can crack the case. * Over 3 hours of full screen full-motion...
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    Blaster Master Zero

    Blaster Master Zero PC

    Blaster Master Zero is a 8-bit style top-down & sideview 2D action-adventure game that hearkens back to the golden age of the NES. Using the original 1988 NES title "Blaster Master" from Sunsoft as a base, with the addition of new areas and bosses, new gameplay elements such as extra sub-weapons,...
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    Blood II: The Chosen – The Nightmare Levels

    Blood II: The Chosen – The Nightmare Levels PC

    Alternative Titles: Blood II: The Nightmare Levels

    The Nightmare Levels takes place shortly after the ending of Blood II. Although never explicitly mentioned, Caleb succeeds in binding the realities and the Chosen are trying to find their way home to our reality. They stop to make a campfire and pass the time by telling scary stories, until...
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    Unreal Gold

    Unreal Gold PC

    Unreal Gold contains; Unreal Unreal Mission Pack 1 Your prison ship has crash-landed on the fastest, sleekest, most dangerous 3D world ever created. Look around, crystal clear water shimmers, shadows dance and shift, alien architecture fades into the horizon. Discover the secret of this mysterious planet and find out what caused a peaceful...
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    Laughter Land

    Laughter Land PC

    Dick is a young boy living in a village who is bored with schoolwork and his everyday life. One day, he attends the village fair and meets a mysterious boy dressed like a court jester called Guillered who offers to bring him to a world called Laughter Land where one’s...
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    Kingspray Graffiti VR

    Kingspray Graffiti VR PC

    Alternative Titles: Kingspray Graffiti, Kingspray Graffiti Simulator

    Creating amazing street art would be much more fun without the jail time, and now you can! Kingspray is a Multiplayer VR Graffiti Simulator, with battle-tested realistic spray, colors, drips, metallics, and more! Using a wide range of caps, ultra-detailed environments and paint surfaces, unleash your creativity (just see what some of...
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    Darkstone PC

    Alternative Titles: Darkstone: Evil Reigns

    The Evil Draak has joined forces with Death and is destroying everything in his path! Explore huge keeps to find the 7 Legendary Crystals to put an end to his vile acts. It is highly unlikely that you'll be able to survive in the hostile regions of this desolate land....
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    Fallout 4 VR

    Fallout 4 VR PC

    Fallout 4, the legendary post-apocalyptic adventure from Bethesda Game Studios and winner of more than 200 ‘Best Of’ awards, including the DICE and BAFTA Game of the Year, finally comes in its entirety to VR. Fallout 4 VR includes the complete core game with all-new combat, crafting, and building systems...
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    Marco Polo

    Marco Polo PC

    Marco Polo is a business simulation game. You act as Marco Polo, the young Venetian merchant, and travel in Asia. Your goal is to become rich in making business in native markets. You can also accomplish missions. These missions are illustrated by numerous pictures from Italian TV series. As a...
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    E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial: Interplanetary Mission

    E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial: Interplanetary Mission PC

    Alternative Titles: E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial: The 20th Anniversary

    Join E.T. for a space odyssey to six dangerous alien planets. Your mission is to find rare and exotic plant specimens to achieve a truly cosmic goal: Save the UNIVERSE!!! Throughout your adventure, you'll need E.T.'s special powers of Telekinesis, Heart Stun, Healing Powers, and Telepathy to help unravel puzzles...
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    State of Decay 2: Heartland

    State of Decay 2: Heartland PC

    State of Decay 2: Heartland is the first story-based content update for State of Decay 2. It returns to Trumbull Valley, the iconic location presented in the original State of Decay game, revisiting familiar people and places to see how they’ve been changed by the ongoing apocalypse. In Heartland, you...
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    Angelique Etoile Prologue

    Angelique Etoile Prologue PC

    Alternative Titles: アンジェリーク エトワール プロローグ

    The protagonist has become the Legendary étoile. Rachel gives her the job of opening the amusement park, Celestia, with her legendary powers. With the guardians and assistants' help, the étoile seeks to restore Arcadia's entertainment area. In order to gather their protagonist's power, the player needs to execute a "Star...
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    Angelique Etoile

    Angelique Etoile PC

    Alternative Titles: アンジェリーク エトワール

    The protagonist is a normal high school girl who was born in the Sacred Bird Cosmos. She and many other girls act as school representatives for a field trip to Holy Land the day after her seventeenth birthday. Like the other girls, she is asked by the Sacred Guardians to...
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    Castlevania II: Simon's Quest

    Castlevania II: Simon's Quest PC

    Alternative Titles: Dracula II: Noroi no Fuuin

    Included in Castlevania Anniversary Collection. Castlevania was a cakewalk compared to this bloody curse. You thought you had the Prince of Darkness defanged - eh, Simon Belmont? Well think again, 'cause according to a damsel in distress, evil Count Dracula has left a horrifying curse in his wake. And the only...
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    Vigilantes PC

    Vigilantes is a combat focused, turn-based tactical RPG set in the declining, crime riddled city of Reiker. The game offers hardcore squad-level combat in a gritty neo-noir setting, intel gathering through surveillance and interrogation, a detailed character system, base facilities, crafting, and much more. Key Features Party-Based Tactical...
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    Otaku's Fantasy 2

    Otaku's Fantasy 2 PC

    This is a novel RPG, you'll not be acting as a invincible worrior like others, you'll be mortal. Hell, you are less than mortal. Hoping to end in happiness and be legendary, the MC is at the same time, weak and spineless. But one day, a portal opened for appearantly no...
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    Otaku's Fantasy

    Otaku's Fantasy PC

    I was a deadbeat. After times and times of getting fire, I worked as a cleanup crew, just trying to make a living. When I got nothing to do, I can only play with myself. Later a AI company took me in, I thought the job will just be slightly better...
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    R-Type Dimensions

    R-Type Dimensions PC

    Alternative Titles: R-Type Dimensions EX

    The coin-op classics, R-Type and R-Type II, are together at last in R-Type Dimensions! Fight through all 14 Bydo-infested stages in original 2-D or all-new 3-D graphics, and swap back and forth on-the-fly. The classic gameplay remains untouched, and a new Infinite game mode allows continuous progression from game start...
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    99 Waves to Die

    99 Waves to Die PC

    99 Waves to Die is a twin stick arcade shooter, inspired by the arcade games, and 8-bit home consoles & computers of the 1980's. Remember when video games used to be insanely difficult? When you used to spend $’s in the local arcade trying to get the high score? When having your three...
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    Noir Chronicles: City of Crime

    Noir Chronicles: City of Crime PC

    When detective Gingertail is called home by ex-girfriend Barbara, he never imagined that it would be the investigation of his life... and hers. After finding Barbara dead in her living room, he begins a vendetta fueled search for the killer. What lengths will Gingertail go to, in avenging the death...
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    Modern Tales: Age of Invention

    Modern Tales: Age of Invention PC

    Visit Paris at an unusual time: Exposition Universelle, the world expo of 1900. The city of art mesmerized by cutting edge technology. Unfortunately, grand events tend to attract grand villains. Someone kidnaps the invited scientists under mysterious circumstances. The daughter of one of the victims -- Emily Patterson -- follows a...
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    Kingmaker: Rise to the Throne

    Kingmaker: Rise to the Throne PC

    Two royal knights, Edmund and Randall Ulmer, are tricked into a conspiracy against the crown. Pursued by the royal guard and ruthless conspirators, the brothers embark on a dangerous journey that will uncover the kingdom's shameful secrets, restore the honor of the Ulmer family and change their fate forever. Many years...
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    Neon Junctions

    Neon Junctions PC

    Neon Junctions is a First Person Puzzle-Platformer imbued with atmosphere of synthwave and 80s. Plunge into cyberspace and try to overcome 35 levels capable to challenge not only your savvy but also dexterity. Capture and move conductive cubes, close electrical circuits and restore power of the interactive objects around you to...
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    Don't Look Back (2017)

    Don't Look Back (2017) PC

    Alternative Titles: Don't Look Back

    Don't Look Back is a VR Horror, Puzzle solving game. Compared to other common VR games, we have developed a NEW movement system. Instead of standing or moving in a limited area, the Don't Look Back uses a unique method. With this new movement system, we can now move around in a much...
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    Mech Rage

    Mech Rage PC

    The aliens are coming! The life of your crew is in your hands. Can you defend your ship from the pesky invaders? Take control of a powerful Combat Mech and take them head on! Upgrade your abilities and weapons to be able to stand your ground against increasingly more overwhelming...
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    Magic Nations

    Magic Nations PC

    Jump into the fantasy world of the Magic Nations card battle game. Grab your card deck and fight your opponents from all over the world. This is a strategy card game where you constantly must adapt to battlefield conditions. Collect new, powerful units, expand your deck with unique characters, buy...
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    Mad Carnage

    Mad Carnage PC

    Can YOU survive the Mad Carnage? Mad Carnage is a turn-based strategy game, which requires tactical approach to the challenges it presents. Follow John Carnage in his post-apocalyptic adventure in the world of Mad Carnage! In the world after the Great War, you will take control of intimidating petrol beasts, each...
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    Jump Gunners

    Jump Gunners PC

    Jump Gunners is the definitive couch local multiplayer combat game for up to 4 players, matching fast paced hilarious recoil jumping gunplay, with core gameplay that is easy to learn but hard master. Become the champion among friends, as you fight alone, or team up together against your foes. With...
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    Ice Cream Surfer

    Ice Cream Surfer PC

    The evil Broccoli, irritated by the fact that kids hate vegetables and love ice creams, has created an army of vegetables to destroy the flavor galaxy. Only the Ice Cream Surfer with the help of his 4 super tasty friends can prevent that. Straight to the action, we aren't here...
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    Heroes Trials

    Heroes Trials PC

    Welcome to Heroes Trials! This is a dynamic and fast-paced adventure game with a trial system that takes you through more than 10 different tests that will prepare you for the final challenge. Clear them and rise to the position of defender of your homeland... Or stay forever as a...
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    Gleaner Heights

    Gleaner Heights PC

    Experience the old-school charm of classic farming games with the suburban gothic atmosphere of certain 90's TV shows, along with contemporary game mechanics. Farming, crafting, combat, romantic relationships and mysterious events await! "Today is another typical day in Gleaner Heights. I got up, went to the general store, bought some seeds,...
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    Airport Simulator 2019

    Airport Simulator 2019 PC

    Airport Simulator 2019 places you as the manager of a major international airport. Your duties range from planning and allocating personnel to procuring and maintaining a vehicle fleet, facility maintenance and handling ever larger aircraft from a variety of airlines. Gradually, you will earn experience and your airport will grow....
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    OPUS: Rocket of Whispers

    OPUS: Rocket of Whispers PC

    Alternative Titles: OPUS: Tamashii no Kakehashi, OPUS: 魂の架け橋

    Embark on a heartwarming journey! “By this rocket, we return them to the cosmos.“ Travel across a world of ice and snow, through burned down ruins and treacherous peaks, to launch a rocket that will reach the stars. “Once we fire the rocket, will these ghosts finally leave me?” Asked the man. “Of course....
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    Lost Planet: Extreme Condition - Colonies Edition

    Lost Planet: Extreme Condition - Colonies Edition PC

    Alternative Titles: Lost Planet: Colonies

    Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Colonies Edition provides explosive action for both online and offline players. Gamers who missed the original Lost Planet will have the opportunity to experience the epic gameplay that made the original a global hit with the added bonus of fresh new content and cross platform multi-play...
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    Marathon 2: Durandal

    Marathon 2: Durandal PC

    Following the events of the original game, the Pfhor aliens have been defeated and the A.I. known as Durandral has been freed from it's containment. 17 years have passed and Durandral has assembled his own army from the colonists of Tau Ceti, including the Security Officer. Traveling across the galaxy,...
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    Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Royal Edition

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Royal Edition PC

    'You're Henry, the son of a blacksmith. Thrust into a raging civil war, you watch helplessly as invaders storm your village and slaughter your friends and family. Narrowly escaping the brutal attack, you grab your sword to fight back. Avenge the death of your parents and help repel the invading...
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    Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin

    Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin PC

    Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin is the forthcoming title from Edelweiss. Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin combines side-scrolling action with deep crafting and farming simulation. Players take on the role of Sakuna, a spoiled harvest goddess banished to a dangerous island with a group of outcast humans. As she explores the...
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    Age of Empires: Definitive Edition

    Age of Empires: Definitive Edition PC

    Age of Empires, the pivotal RTS that launched a 20-year legacy returns in definitive form for Windows 10 PCs. Bringing together all of the officially released content with modernized gameplay, all-new visuals and a host of other new features, Age of Empires: Definitive Edition is the complete RTS package. Engage...
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