Kissed by the Baddest Bidder

    Kissed by the Baddest Bidder Mobile

    Alternative Titles: Suite Room de Itazura na Kiss, スイートルームで悪戯なキス

    Read the Prologue and Episode 1 for each character for free! - A story of danger and romance - Can love bloom in the shadows? You are a maid exclusive Tres Spades hotel, the first casino resort in Japan, which hosts some of the richest and most powerful people in the world. An international...
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    Love Letters from Thief X

    Love Letters from Thief X Mobile

    Alternative Titles: Kaitou X Koi no Yokoku-jou, 怪盗X恋の予告状

    Read the Prologue and Episode 1 for each character for free! ◆Story◆ You're a curator at work when a group of infamous thieves break into the museum! And what they're after are YOUR fingerprints!? The hacker with a wicked streak, the nice young man who serves as their sniper, the mischievous man who...
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    Enchanted in the Moonlight

    Enchanted in the Moonlight Mobile

    Alternative Titles: Koyoi, Ayashii Kuchidzuke o, 今宵、妖しい口づけを

    Read the Prologue and Episode 1 for each character for free! ◆Story◆ You live a normal life until the day you're attacked by otherworldly ayakashi, intent on stealing the special power you were born with. Your saviors also happen to be ayakashi, five very handsome ones! "We'll protect you, human. But in return... You must offer...
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    Kiss of Revenge

    Kiss of Revenge Mobile

    Alternative Titles: Fukushuu no Kiss o Anata ni, 復讐のキスをあなたに

    "I'm here for revenge. Falling for you wasn't a part of the plan..." ◆Story◆ You've finally made it. You're a doctor now, working at a major hospital in Tokyo, the very same hospital whose covered-up medical error caused your mother's sudden death 12 years ago. Since then, you've lived for nothing but revenge. But now... "No...
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    Liar! Uncover the Truth

    Liar! Uncover the Truth Mobile

    Think you have an eye for guys? Ever had a terrible ex you wish you could've kicked to the curb? Test your eye for guys in Voltage's revolutionary, FREE puzzle-based investigative romance app Liar! Uncover the Truth where it's up to YOU to bust the liars, cheaters, and creepers of the world...
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    Monster Super League

    Monster Super League Mobile

    # Adventure with the Astromons! Monster Super League summons you to the fantasy world of Astromons! From cute to stylish, catch & collect monsters of all sizes and shapes! Collect over 550 types of Astromon in Monster Super League! # I Choose You! Catch wild Astromons out there in the field, or summon them by...
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    Hello Quantum

    Hello Quantum Mobile

    Think quantum computing is hard? Maybe, maybe not, or maybe both at the same time? Explore the building blocks of quantum mechanics in a series of puzzles. The rules of how to play Hello Quantum are easy to pick up, yet tricky to perfect. But by mastering them, you'll be learning...
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    Push The Squares

    Push The Squares Mobile

    Push The Squares is a new game in which you have to find the proper way to connect squares with stars of the same color. Will you be able to complete all the +100 levels of the game?...
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    I-Chu Mobile

    Alternative Titles: I★Chu, Aichuu, アイ★チュウ

    An academy founded by a certain famous company called "Ailedore." It's name is "Etoile Vio School." This academy trains idol eggs, and raises them into fully-fledged idols. You are their teacher, but also their producer that will help the boys grow into fully-fledged idols! "I★Chu" are what idol eggs are called, meaning that they...
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    Ensemble Stars!

    Ensemble Stars! Mobile

    Alternative Titles: Ensemble★Stars, あんさんぶるスターズ!

    Ensemble Stars is a card collecting game that requires simple strategy, but leans mainly towards interaction with the characters and stories. A key feature of the game is that, unlike many idol-themed games, it is not a rhythm game. According to the creators, they wanted to make a game that did...
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    Unison League

    Unison League Mobile

    Battle alongside friends and unleash over-the-top special attacks! A new style of real-time RPG! Awesome real-time play that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Team up with other players to unleash "Unison Attacks" that can call forth massive creatures to pulverize foes!...
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    Monster Warlord

    Monster Warlord Mobile

    The best monster collecting battle game on mobile! Collect hundreds of unique monsters and battle them in friendly competition! ■ COLLECT ■ - Catch rare and mysterious monsters by questing and battling! - Discover all 6 types - Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Darkness and Holy! - Each monster has its own special attributes and...
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    Sailor Moon Drops

    Sailor Moon Drops Mobile

    Alternative Titles: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Drops

    Sailor Moon Drops is a match-three puzzle game, where the player has to clear different colored gems from the board in order to achieve the stage's objective, similar to games like Candy Crush. Each stage allows only a certain number of moves with which to complete the objective; any moves...
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    Life Quest

    Life Quest Mobile

    Alternative Titles: Life Quest HD

    Want to accomplish your life goals? Find out if you’re up to the challenge in Life Quest! Discover your fulfilling career, dream home, and happy family in this fun and quirky Simulation game! But look out, your high school rivals are lining up to beat you to the punch! Can...
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    Game of Dice

    Game of Dice Mobile

    Welcome to the Genius League! You are officially invited to test your skills in a strategic dice game against other players from around the world! ▣ Seize victory with unique strategies. - Use special Skill Cards such as "Push", "Drag" and more. - Over 150 cards to create your own strategies. - Take over properties and...
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    Daedalus Mobile

    Daedalus is a platformer and an exploration game set in a spectacular oneiric and surrealist world. Daedalus, architect and creator of fantastic mechanical artifacts, was imprisoned by the king Minos to prevent him from sharing his knowledge of Creta’s Labyrinth with others Every night, in his dreams, Daedalus explores the...
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    Enchanted Realm

    Enchanted Realm Mobile

    Alternative Titles: Enchanted Realm HD

    Enchanted Realm isn't just a game, but a captivating fantasy adventure. The setting is a far-away and wondrous realm, where magic flows as freely as the winds of trade through the market's merchant and apothecary stalls. Joyful citizens rejoice as their wise and just ruler ascends to the throne --...
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    Blazing Souls: Accelate

    Blazing Souls: Accelate Mobile

    Alternative Titles: ブレイジングソウルズ アクセレイト

    Set nearly two decades following the end of the Seven Years' War chronicled in Spectral Souls 2's True Ending (modified Rozess Army route) the story follows the somewhat random misadventures of a freelance Contractor named Zelos and crew, who by various circumstances, is at the center of a conflict involving...
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    On A Roll 3D

    On A Roll 3D Mobile

    Roll your way through 24 huge levels across six different themes in this fast, colourful 3D platform game. Be prepared to take on spikes, mines, dynamite, conveyor belts, springs, switches, doors, bumpers, lasers, saws, fire, ice, water, electricity, trapdoors and much much more. Each level has three areas you must navigate...
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    Streets of Rage

    Streets of Rage Mobile

    Alternative Titles: Streets of Rage Classic

    The city was once a happy, peaceful place...until one day, a powerful secret criminal organization took over. This vicious syndicate soon had control of the government and even the police force. The city has become a center of violence and crime where no one is safe. Amid this turmoil, a...
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    Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II

    Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II Mobile

    The Sonic 4 Saga continues in Episode II with the return of a beloved side kick and fan-favorite villains! Following the events of Episode I, Metal Sonic has returned to form a formidable alliance with Dr. Eggman! To face this new evil, Sonic will have to call upon an old friend...
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    Caravan Stories

    Caravan Stories Mobile

    Alternative Titles: キャラバンストーリーズ

    Caravan Stories is an anime inspired cross platform MMORPG by the same Japanese studio behind the mobile MMORPG Logres which launched in the West on May 2017. Unlike its predecessor, Caravan Stories allows PC users to join the action. The game promises to combine the best elements of PC and...
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    Air Mail

    Air Mail Mobile

    N-Fusion Interactive's award winning flight-adventure game, Air Mail, has arrived on Nintendo Switch! Get ready for an incredible ride through a fantasy world filled with exotic lands to explore. Your adventure begins in the picturesque kingdom of Domeeka, where air mail pilots fly from island to island carrying out tasks for...
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    Sparkle 2

    Sparkle 2 Mobile

    The long-awaited sequel to the award-winning hit action puzzle! A long time ago, five keys were created. These enchanted keys are supposed to open a lock which guards something valuable. The keys were scattered across these lands forever locked between night and day. Many have tried to search for the keys,...
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    Donut County

    Donut County Mobile

    Donut County is a story-based physics puzzle game where you play as an ever-growing hole in the ground. Meet cute characters, steal their trash, and throw them in a hole. Where Trash is Treasure Raccoons have taken over Donut County with remote-controlled trash-stealing holes. You play as BK, a hole-driving raccoon who...
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    BlazBlue RR - Real Action Game

    BlazBlue RR - Real Action Game Mobile

    Alternative Titles: BlazBlue RR, BlazBlue: Revolution Reburning

    BlazBlue RR - Real Action Game is a revolutionary 2D side-scrolling fighting game on mobile platform. With its exquisite 2D graphics, orthodox fighting experience and character voices contributed by famous Japanese voice actors, this game is truly a work of art and will leave players awestruck. Another remarkable feature of...
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    Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Gaiden: Magia Record

    Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Gaiden: Magia Record Mobile

    Alternative Titles: Puella Magi Madoka★Magica Side Story: Magia Record, MagiReco, マギアレコード 魔法少女まどか★マギカ外伝

    Guided by strange power, magical girls gather in this town. There is a place where a magical girl can stay as she is. They're fighting with a new power from witches. Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record is a smartphone-exclusive role-playing game. It follows the story of Iroha Tamaki,...
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    Jumputi Heroes

    Jumputi Heroes Mobile

    Weekly Shonen Jump 50th anniversary celebrations are here! Save Jumputi Island, together with characters from throughout Shonen Jump’s history! Jumputi Heroes is a Bubble-Popping RPG based on friendship, hard work, and victory, celebrating 50 years since the first issue of Weekly Shonen Jump went on sale. The simple, one-tap controls along...
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    Ticket to Ride

    Ticket to Ride Mobile

    The official adaptation of Days of Wonder's best-selling train board game, Ticket to Ride takes less than one minute to learn but a lifetime to master. Over 48 million games played online and a new game starting every 4 seconds on average! In addition to the exciting cross-platform asynchronous multiplayer...
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    Mini Ninjas

    Mini Ninjas Mobile

    Prepare yourself for a Ninja adventure like you have never seen before! Join Hiro, the smallest hero on the biggest adventure, as he embarks on an epic and electrifying quest to restore harmony to a world on the brink of chaos. Use your skills and mighty Ninja training to battle...
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    Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic

    Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic Mobile

    "Listen! The end is nigh!! Hear my words and prepare! An ancient cult has set foot in our lands! They call themselves -The Sons of Dawn- and pray to some dark elder god. They have started recruiting people for their cause all over the country. I fear that they want...
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    Rayman Mobile

    This classic, award-winning platformer is the first game in the Rayman series. The original Rayman, a critically -acclaimed platforming adventure, is now available on Nintendo 3DS Known for its groundbreaking animation and music, Rayman is a game that stands the test of time. One fateful day in the Glade of...
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    Dead Space

    Dead Space Mobile

    Alternative Titles: Dead Space for iPad

    The Dead Space experience is all about surviving in its sci-fi world through strategic dismemberment, so experience the horror before the Necromorphs dismember you. After all, you are never truly safe in Dead Space. When an immense mining ship, the USG Ishimura, comes into contact with a mysterious alien artifact...
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    Sentinels of the Multiverse

    Sentinels of the Multiverse Mobile

    Alternative Titles: Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Video Game

    Calling all Sentinels! Do you have what it takes to defend the Multiverse? Compose a team of comic book heroes, each with their own playstyles, backstories, and grudges. Pit them against a variety of maniacal and formidable villains. Defeat your enemies and save the Multiverse! Sentinels of the Multiverse is the...
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    Skyhill Mobile

    Skyhill is a roguelike story about staying alive when there is no reason to. You are a resident of Skyhill hotel,who survived biological catastrophe. Goal - is to get out of your penthouse in search of other people and salvation. But all elevators in the building are off and floors...
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    Mysterium Mobile

    Alternative Titles: Mysterium: A Psychic Clue Game

    The official adaptation of the famous board game Mysterium! Mysterium is a cooperative deduction game set in the 1920s in which a ghost guides a group of psychics to uncover a murderer, as well as the weapon and location of the murder, using only visual clues. Choose your way to play:...
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    Dark Void Zero

    Dark Void Zero Mobile

    As the '80s were drawing to a close, the developers at Capcom began work on a top-secret project that aimed to set new standards for the platformer genre. That game was called Dark Void. Alas, Capcom suspended development on Dark Void as it began to evaluate the SNES. Before long,...
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    Burnout Crash!

    Burnout Crash! Mobile

    Alternative Titles: Burnout CRASH!

    Burnout Crash (branded Burnout CRASH!) is a downloadable action driving title in the Burnout video game series. It is developed by Criterion Games and published by Electronic Arts for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and iOS via PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade and iTunes App Store. In Burnout Crash, players drive into...
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    Weekly Shonen Jump Jikkyou Janjan Stadium

    Weekly Shonen Jump Jikkyou Janjan Stadium Mobile

    The popular characters of Weekly Shonen Jump appear recreated in the form of cute-looking “Janjan Characters” by Konami. In addition to lovely visuals, each character’s special techniques will reappear how they do in their original works. Use strong special techniques (SP moves) with simple one-button controls. Blow away the enemy to...
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    Full Service

    Full Service Mobile

    Welcome to Full Service! You play as Tomoki Nakamoto, a workaholic young adult who works at Schwarz Bank. Average in every way and bordering on anti-social, Tomoki isn't that great with people... However, after a chance encounter and getting a bonus at work he finds himself entangled in the lives...
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    IDOLiSH7 Mobile

    Alternative Titles: i7, アイドリッシュセブン

    IDOLiSH7, or i7, is a multimedia franchise that started out as a combination Japanese rhythm and visual novel mobile game which was released on August 20, 2015 on both Android and iOS by Bandai Namco Entertainment which has surpassed over 2.5 million downloads....
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    Saint Seiya Cosmo Fantasy

    Saint Seiya Cosmo Fantasy Mobile

    See your favorite characters from the series, such as The Dark Lord, Hades, Odin Seiya, and all 12 God Cloths! You can also encounter warriors from the all-new series "The God Libra and the 12 Weapons"! Enjoy epic battles with the over 100 characters available! Enjoy the opening theme song...
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    RadishGirl Mobile

    A rural landscape that quietly unfurls. With unproportionally large radishes and the high school girl clinging to them superimposed on that landscape. The high school girl is single-mindedly determined to climb the towering radishes. But, why does she climb? No one knows. Even today, the high school girl is still...
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    Guinea Pig Bridge!

    Guinea Pig Bridge! Mobile

    Guide a group of gullible guineas through a gauntlet of gizmos! Use the power of physics to propel, fling, and bounce them to safety! Featuring an original soundtrack by Parry Gripp, Guinea Pig Bridge! is a whimsical puzzle game that will send you into cute overload. Each level is a...
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    Princess Evangile W Happiness

    Princess Evangile W Happiness Mobile

    Alternative Titles: Princess Evangile Wハピネス

    Princess Evangile W Happiness is the highly requested sequel to Princess Evangile! It contains lots of new content including extra epilogues for the original cast of characters and brand new routes for Ruriko, Marika, Mitsuki, Tamie, and Konomi! Princess Evangile W Happiness will be available both in an all-ages version...
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    Tokyo Ghoul:re Birth

    Tokyo Ghoul:re Birth Mobile

    Alternative Titles: Tokyo Ghoul:re Invoke, 東京喰種 :re Invoke, トーキョーグール :re Invoke

    Players form teams comprised of various characters and engage in "tap combo" turned-based battles. Gameplay focuses on strategic tapping to create combo attacks that fill a character's skill gauge to use skills seen in the manga. The game will include a story mode and multiplayer mode....
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    DanMachi - MEMORIA FREESE Mobile

    Join millions of fans of the fantastically popular anime – “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?” – in its first-ever fully-localized mobile RPG, Memoria Freese! Memoria Freese transports you to the world of Orario where you can build your own powerful team to battle through...
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    God Eater: Resonant Ops

    God Eater: Resonant Ops Mobile

    God Eater Resonant Ops is a turn-based game for iOS and Android. Resonant Ops continues the story of God Eater 2 Rage Burst, and is set 4 years after the latter's story, moving the setting "at long last" toward the Fenrir Headquarters in the year 2078....
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    Revenant Saga

    Revenant Saga Mobile

    Alternative Titles: RPG Revenant Saga

    Become a Revenant and find the truth beyond revenge in this gothic fantasy RPG with stunning 3D battles! After being turned into an immortal being known as a 'Revenant' and learning of the existence of a demon within him, Albert sets out on a journey to make the person who did...
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    AlchemiaStory Mobile

    ◆Journey with your "YOME"!◆ There is a "YOME" system, another character to journey and help out each other with the player! Leading the way to the target, supporting the battle, and synthesizing the items etc., s/he can help you out! You can create your own "YOME" character like for your own character....
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