Anime Story: Legendary Twins

Lucifer, the divine leader of Seraphim, was deeply displeased with Jehovah because of his disregard for the suffering and pain of the mortals. His open objection to Jehovah and refusal to acknowledge Jesus as the son of God resulted in his removal from the holy position of the Seraphim leader.

Lucifer swore vengeance against Jehovah, and led his army of spirits in an attempt to overthrow the Heavenly Court. In his invasion, Lucifer faced raging suppression from Gabriel, the Great Archangel. They fought for days until depletion where the wounded Angels dragged each other into the Lake of Fire.

Protected by the divine power, their holy spirits avoided the fate of obliteration and became sealed within magical crystals to reborn as twins.

After the Holy War, Jehovah expelled the mortals from of the Heavenly Land and prohibited the Angles from traveling to the mortal world. As for the remaining spirits of the rebellion army, they were cursed into hideous Demons possessing a pair of black wings ……

Anime Story: Legendary Twins is an all new otome and otaku simulation game. In the game you can raise and nurture your son or daughter. Based on a story of Angels and Demons, you can explore the world and unravel the secret of Heavenly Land.

Game feature:

  • Adopt your dream kid and plan for his/her training schedules;
  • Japanese otaku and otome game favored by all ranges of players (shojo, josei, and shonen);
  • As a foster parent, you need to carefully nurture your kid to reach the ending you desire;
  • Collect costumes and dress-up your kid for various events and annual ceremonies;
  • Lots of side events and romantic encounters;
  • Exquisite Japanese art style and lots of CGs;
  • All new storyline with plenty of endings and interactive elements to explore.



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Game Information

CatCap Studio
CatCap Studio
NA Release Date
June 13, 2016
JP Release Date
June 13, 2016
EU Release Date
June 13, 2016
AUS Release Date
June 13, 2016
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