To the Moon

To the Moon is an indie Adventure RPG, about two doctors traversing through the memories of a dying man to fulfill his last wish.

The premise of To The Moon is based around a technology that allows the construction of artificial permanent memories. Sigmund Corp., a company that uses this technology, offers the notion of "wish fulfillment" as a service to people on their death bed. Since these artificial memories are permanent, it sharply conflicts with the patient's real memories soon after the person awakens, which is why it is only done on those without much longer to live.

The story follows Dr. Eva Rosalene and Dr. Neil Watts—employed by Sigmund Corp.—as they fulfill the life-long dream of the dying Johnny Wyles. Johnny's wish is simple: he wants to go to the moon. But he doesn't know why. To accomplish this task, the doctors must insert themselves into an interactive compilation of his memories and traverse backwards through his life via mementos.


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Freebird Games
Freebird Games
Adventure, RPG
NA Release Date
November 1, 2011
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8.7 by 828 user(s)
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