Gemini Rue

Gemini Rue is a science fiction cyberpunk graphic adventure game made by Joshua Nuernberger, and published by Wadjet Eye Games. The game uses a point and click interface to interact with the environment to solve puzzles and communicate with characters.

The setting takes place in between the years 2228 and 2229, in a world where mankind has colonized different planets around the galaxy. The story takes place in the Gemini System of the galaxy. Within the Gemini System, there are three different human colonies mentioned in the game, Harmony, Colony 4, and Barracus, the latter where the player begins. Right outside the Gemini System, is a nebula which few ships dare to travel.

In the Gemini System, the Boryokudan crime syndicate has the strongest influence, as they try to push the new drug "Juice". Previously hunted down after the Gemini War, which strained the resources of the larger government, the Boryokudan have become unchallenged and has since gained full control.


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Game Information

Wadjet Eye Games
Wadjet Eye Games
NA Release Date
February 24, 2011
MVGL User Score
7.6 by 25 user(s)
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49 User(s)

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