Breath of Fire 6

Breath of Fire 6: Hakuryū no Shugosha-tachi (Japanese: ブレスオブファイア6 白竜の守護者たち Hepburn: Breath of Fire 6: Guardians of the White Dragon) is a free-to-play online, web-based role-playing video game with microtransactions developed and published by Capcom as the sixth main installment of its Breath of Fire series.

Breath of Fire 6 is an online action-based roleplaying game where players create a hero character whom they can customize in appearance, gender, and skills. Both characters and environments are presented using two-dimensional graphics, with the player traveling across several environments battling enemies and taking part in the story. They are accompanied by AI-controlled partners called "Fellows" who make up their party to help complete missions, while multiplayer missions allow up to four players to team up together. The hero's class can be customized depending on their weapon specialization, which can branch into other, more specialized classes with more powerful abilities as they progress.

The game takes place 1,000 years after an apocalyptic battle between the Light and Dark Dragon clans, humans with the ability to transform into powerful dragons with immense destructive power, that ended thanks to the actions of a mysterious young man. The resulting fallout caused planet-wide gradual desertification, and over the years the people of the world have created new communities, paving the way for a peaceful new era. However, behind the scenes, the powerful Insidia Empire covertly disrupted that peace, overtaking the world slowly and dominating smaller countries, one by one. One of the lands that fell under the Empire's strength was the country of Dragnier, home to the hero and their brother, Ryu. The Empire attack the village, destroying all in their path. Peridot, a traveling bard who just happened to come by the ruins, found the hero in trouble and saves them. Together with the surviving citizens of their hometown, the hero and his companions must rebuild their lost land and strike back at the Empire while discovering the secrets of the dragon clans.



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Breath of Fire 6: Hakuryū no Shugosha-tachi, ブレスオブファイア6 白竜の守護者たち
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February 24, 2016
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Tamiya Terashima
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