Prisoner of Ice: Jashin Kourin

Amid an atmosphere of suspense and intrigue you'll launch your voyage in the icy cold wastelands of the Antarctic aboard a Royal Navy submarine - the H.M.S. Victoria. As an American agent of the Office of Naval Intelligence, your mission is to thwart a Nazi plot and recover top secret cargo. Horrific creatures capable of shifting the balance of world power must be conquered. World War II looms ahead and your every move could change the course of history.

As you journey to the seemingly placid surroundings of a Greek courtyard or the secret gardens of Tihuanica, beware - things are not as they seem. This supernatural action adventure is sure to pique your obsession with horror and espionage.

The Saturn and PlayStation ports contain no enhancements from the PC versions. The English voice acting of the PC version is retained, but the text which appears when examining or picking up objects is translated to Japanese. The Saturn version is compatible with the Netlink Mouse.

● Step into a classic point-and-click adventure based on the bizarre and twisted writings of H.P. Lovecraft. ● Amazing motion capture tecniques create life-like character animation. ● 150 stunning settings and 70 minutes of music enhance your journey through untold horror! ● Master the complexity of time travel on your investigation. ● Intuitive interface enhances the 70 plus hours of gameplay.



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Sega Saturn
Xing Entertainment
JP Release Date
December 23, 1997
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Masumi Ito, Koichi Namiki, Makoto Iida
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PlayStation 1

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