Giana Sisters

Giana Sisters DS is a platform game developed by Spellbound Interactive for the Nintendo DS, iPad, and iPhone. It was released in 2009 in Europe and subsequently in North America in 2011. It was published by DTP Entertainment in Europe and Destineer in the US. It is a spiritual sequel to the 1987 Commodore 64 release The Great Giana Sisters.

Giana is a young girl who fell asleep one evening while admiring her precious treasure chest. As she fell into a deep sleep, magical powers emerged from the treasure chest, bathing Giana's bedroom in a brilliantly bright light. Vibrating with mystical energy, the treasure chest fell off the bed with a crash. The lid flew open. Giana's sparkling blue diamonds spilled out of the treasure chest and disappeared into a deep, black hole.

Giana, awakened by the light (and the noise), leaped off the bed and followed her prized diamonds into the darkness. She suddenly found herself in a magical world. Giana's diamonds were scattered all about her. She started to collect her diamonds and then decided to find out more about the secret of her magic treasure chest.


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Game Information

Spellbound Interactive
bad monkee
NA Release Date
November 23, 2011
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5.5 by 2 user(s)
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