Donkey Kong Jr.

Donkey Kong Jr. is an arcade game starring Donkey Kong Jr. that was later re-released along with other Mario games in Donkey Kong Classics, Donkey Kong Jr. + Jr. Math Lesson and Donkey Kong/Donkey Kong Jr./Mario Bros., remade into a Game & Watch game, which received a remake on the DSi and a Mini Classics game and was also later released on the Virtual Console for the Wii, and was available as a free download via the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador program. Donkey Kong Jr. is also a minigame in Game & Watch Galleries 3 and 4. The game was also released on the e-Reader with the only difference being a player had to scan in 5 cards to play it, afterward the player didn't have to scan the cards again unless they scanned in a different game requiring 5 cards. It was the direct sequel to Donkey Kong and it and the similar Donkey Kong II are the only games in the whole Mario series where Mario is the antagonist.


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Game Information

Nintendo EAD
NA Release Date
January 1, 1982
JP Release Date
January 1, 1982
MVGL User Score
5.1 by 7 user(s)
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13 User(s)

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