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Alright. So you've wiped out the Russians in Summer Games. You've scored near perfect 10s in Sumer Games II. And your performance in Winter Games now send chills down competitor's yellos spines. Well, just how far are you willing to go to prove you're the best? Does 24'000 miles sound reasonable?

In World Games, you'll wing your way around the globe beating the pants off foreigners in eight international events, each one authentic to its country of origin. You'll see incredible, exotic locales as you travel the world circuit. Why, you'll even have your own on-screen tour guide to smooth your way.

To become the champion, you'll have to dive off the treacherous cliffs of Acapulco. Go stomach to stomach with a 400 pound Japanese sumo wrestler. Jump barrels in Germany. And pump heavy iron in Russia. Next, it's off to Scotland for the caber toss. Canada, for the near impossible log roll. France, to ski the Slalom. And, at last, the U.S. of A. to ride the meanest, orneriest bull in the states. This, then, is a challenge of global proportions. The question is, are you ready to go the distance?

● Eight international events. ● Visit eight nations to compete. Includes a detailed history and travelogue for your reference. ●Join the World Hall of Fame. That is, if you acquire the gold. ● One to eight players.



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Epyx, Westwood Associates
U.S. Gold
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April 3, 1987
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Steve Mage
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