Tera has typical MMORPG features such as quests, crafting and player versus player action. Combat uses a "real-time battle system" that incorporates third person camera view. The player targets an enemy with a cross-hair cursor rather than clicking or tabbing an individual opponent (this is called the Non-Target battle system" by the publisher). Players must actively dodge enemy attacks. The player may use keyboard and mouse, or an Xbox 360 Controller to control their character.

There is a large amount of playable classes users can choose from, along with different kinds of races. The only drawback with a lot of races to pick from is the lack of body customization. While users can customize their characters face fully, they are unable to customize their characters height and properties.

In the game there are seven races to choose from, and then eight classes to pick. Each race is different from the other, and most have male an female versions to choose from. Each race gets a set of race only abilities which give a slight advantage. Any of the eight classes can played by any race.

Tera also brings along a political system, which players elect, and while in power the one elected can change taxes, jail people, and do various other things to keep the community going. There is a guild system in the game that allows players to customize a lot of things within the guild, making custom ranks, custom picture, and even guild wars. You can wage a war on a rival guild and for the next four hours the two guilds can fight each other whenever they see an opposing player; each kill grants points and at the end of the four hours the guild with the most points wins.



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Game Information

Alternative Titles
TERA: The Exiled Realm of Arborea, TERA: Rising, TERA Online
Bluehole Studio
En Masse Entertainment
NA Release Date
May 1, 2012
JP Release Date
July 29, 2011
EU Release Date
May 3, 2012
ESRB Rating
Mature 17+
PEGI Rating
MVGL User Score
6.9 by 440 user(s)
MVGL Difficulty
Inon Zur, Rod Abernethy
Official Website
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614 User(s)

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Xbox One PlayStation 4 Xbox Series X/S PlayStation 5

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