The Operative: No One Lives Forever

The Operative: No One Lives Forever (commonly shortened to No One Lives Forever, abbreviated NOLF) is a first-person shooter video game with stealth gameplay elements, developed by Monolith Productions and published by Fox Interactive, released for Windows in 2000. The game was also ported later to the PlayStation 2 and Mac OS X. A story-driven game set in the 1960s, No One Lives Forever has been critically acclaimed for, among other things, its stylistic representation of the era in the spirit of many spy films and television series of that decade, as well as for its prevalent use of humor. Players control female protagonist Cate Archer, who works for UNITY, a fictional secret organization that watches over world peace.

The Operative: No One Lives Forever is the first game in the No One Lives Forever series. It was followed by a sequel in 2002, entitled No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way.

In 2003, a spin-off of the first two game was released, entitled Contract J.A.C.K.. Chronologically, Contract J.A.C.K. is set between the first two No One Lives Forever games. This stand-alone expansion pack is a shorter game, and unlike the previous titles, its main protagonist is not Cate Archer, but John Jack, who works for H.A.R.M. The game also focuses more on action gameplay, rather than on stealth.


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Monolith Productions
Fox Interactive
NA Release Date
November 9, 2000
MVGL User Score
7.9 by 57 user(s)
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86 User(s)

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Mac PlayStation 2

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