Ninja Boy 2

This time an exciting adventure takes place out in the universe! Here, our trusty Ryu joins a familiar comical ninja boy, Jack, and they both went out into the universe for another adventre!

This Game Has The Ability To Let 2 Players Play Simultaneously! Now both Jack and Ryu explore woods, deserts, and underwater worlds on the 7 planets of the Marco Polo Clustars. Fight battles cooperatively in four-way scrolling battle action! Defeat the Galands and get the 7 treasures using cooperative power attacks!!

There Are Awesome Ninja Actions! Their actions are fortified with explosive T-stars, Reflecting T-stars, various sabers, ninja actions and magics, and great items as well as your basic punches, kicks, and dashes! Encounter enemy leaders using animated ninja magics and items!!

A fun packed comical RPG with action, ninja magic, rides, and new items-that's NINJA BOY 2!!



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Game Information

Alternative Titles
Super Chinese Land 2
Nintendo Gameboy
Culture Brain
Culture Brain
Action, RPG
NA Release Date
April 14, 1993
JP Release Date
November 29, 1991
EU Release Date
November 14, 1993
MVGL User Score
MVGL Difficulty
Akinori Sawa
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