The Amazing Spider-Man: Web of Fire

Spider-Man: Web of Fire is a Marvel Comics licensed platformer/brawler featuring their Spider-Man character, and was also the final Sega 32X game released in North America. Spider-Man takes on the forces of the recurring terrorist organization HYDRA, fighting relatively obscure foes such as Dragon Man, Thermite, and Super-Adaptoid.

The game features side-scrolling action in which Spider-Man has to take on various enemy types which want to kill him. Besides the usual range of melee kicks and punches, he also sticks to walls and uses special attacks based on his web fluid. Creating spider web "vines" are used to swing from building to building; either required to cross gaps or simply to progress faster in the levels. Every use of his fluid decreases a web bar which, just like health, is refilled by picking up items floating in the game world. The first goal of the game is to rescue the superhero Daredevil, who then continues to help Spider-Man out: after activating the associated special attack, Daredevil covers the screen with his attacks.



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Sega 32X
Blue Sky Software
Action, Platformer
NA Release Date
November 28, 1996
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