Toki Tori

Toki Tori is a puzzle video game with platform elements originally released by Capcom in September 2001 for the Game Boy Color. It was developed by Two Tribes B.V. and is their first published video game. The game follows a young chick, Toki Tori, and his quest to rescue his younger siblings, still in their eggs. To progress through the game, the player must pick up each egg on a level using a set number of tools, with new tools being introduced as the player progresses through the four worlds. This usually involves careful planning and creative thinking.


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Game Information

Nintendo Wii
Two Tribes B.V.
Two Tribes B.V.
NA Release Date
June 2, 2008
MVGL User Score
6.3 by 8 user(s)
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9 User(s)

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Nintendo Gameboy Color Mobile PC PlayStation 3 Nintendo Wii U

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