Matchmaker! / Buzzword! / Logix!

  • Matchmaker! (selected by pressing "1") is a regular Memory game. A matrix with 20 letters appears on the screen and the player has to find pairs of symbols hidden by the letters. Two counters will be displayed: time and number of matches. In two players mode (selected by pressing "2"), the players share the matrix and the one who makes more matches win.

  • Logix! (selected by pressing "4") lets the player guess a sequence of five different digits. The player types in the first try and the computer will display a two digit number with the number of correct digits to the right and the number of correctly placed digits on the left. The player has then to continue guessing the sequence based on the clues given. The object is to solve the problem in the least number of tries, counted on the left ot the screen.

  • Buzzword! (selected by pressing "3") is similar to the Hangman game. A row of dashes will appear in the screen, representing a word. Also, eight X's will appear at the bottom of the screen. The player tries to guess the word at the screen by typing letters on the keyboard. If a letter is right, it is replaced in the word. If it is wrong, it replaces one X on the screen. The game ends when the player has discovered the word or when he has made eight mistakes.



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Alternative Titles
Pairs / Space Rendezvous / Logic
NA Release Date
January 1, 1978
EU Release Date
January 1, 1980
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