Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

Journey into a land of treasure, adventure and dark, dark danger. Lead a 3-man expedition through winding mountain caverns, in search of tools and arrows. Within the caverns, deadly monsters lie in wait. Slay the monsters, overcome the obstacles of a hostile land, and enter the legendary Cloudy Mountain. Here you'll find the Crown of Kings... and the deadliest terror of all, the Winged Dragons.

● 1 more can play. Four skill levels. ● Obstacles include brown and black mountains, rivers, forests and walls. ● Monsters include dragons, demons, snakes, bats, rats, spiders... and the Winged Dragons. Each type of monster has different characteristics for you to discover. ● Tools to overcome obstacles and arrows to slay monsters must be found in caves. You start with 3 arrows. ● Cave rooms and passages light up as you enter them. Who knows what evil lurks in the next room? ● Exciting sound effects highlight game play.


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Alternative Titles
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Cloudy Mountain, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Cartridge
Mattel Electronics
Mattel Electronics
Action, Adventure
NA Release Date
August 16, 1982
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