Street Fighter EX

Street Fighter EX is a 3D fighting game originally released as an arcade game for the Sony ZN hardware in 1996, it is a spin-off of the Street Fighter series co-produced by Capcom with Arika and it is the first game in the EX series. Although non-canon to the mainline installments, it was the first Street Fighter game to have 3D graphics.

The Street Fighter EX fighting system uses fighting systems of the Street Fighter II and Street Fighter Alpha series. In many ways, EX still plays like a 2D fighting game, but the linear plane in which characters fight often changes along a 3D battleground. The game uses special moves and super combos familiar or similar to the previous games in the series. Like in Alpha and Darkstalkers, the super combo gauge, used to do Super Combos, was divided into three levels. The game introduces various new features to enhance the player's combat choices.

Aside from throwing the opponent or wearing away their life by using special moves to drain it, another way to fight blocking is the "Guard Break". The Guard Break is a move that, if it connects with the blocking opponent, breaks the block and makes the opponent dizzy.

The Guard Break can be used at any time with one level of the super combo gauge. In EX3, The Guard Break is changed into the Surprise Blow, which still stuns enemies on contact and doesn’t need a level of the super combo gauge to work. However, unlike the previous Guard Break move, the move is guardable and stuns only if it's used on a crouching opponent.



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Game Information

Alternative Titles
Arcade, Fighting
NA Release Date
December 19, 1996
JP Release Date
December 19, 1996
EU Release Date
December 19, 1996
MVGL User Score
5 by 1 user(s)
MVGL Difficulty
Takayuki Aihara, Shinji Hosoe, Ayako Saso
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