Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Roger Rabbit has been framed for the murder of Marvin Acme, head of the Acme Corporation. Acme's will states that upon his death, Toon Town would be left ot the Toons, but the will is nowhere to be found. You have to find the will and save your wife, Jessica, from Judge Doom and his weasels.

The game takes place in Hollywood, 1947, where Toons are alive. There are 4 levels in the game, 2 of which are driving levels (levels 1 & 3). Roger and Benny the cab have to beat the weasels to the destination, while dodging cars, trams and Judge Doom's dip which is scattered on the road. There are pick-ups to help you on your way.

Level 2 is the Ink & Paint Club. The will is on one of the tables. Roger has to pick up all the pieces of paper the penguin waiters put down, whilst avoiding the alcohol and gorilla bouncer.

Level 4 has you in Judge Doom's warehouse trying to save your wife, Jessica from the dip truck. You have to use gags to progress and make the weasels laugh themselves to death, literally!



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Game Information

Apple II
Buena Vista Software
Buena Vista Software
NA Release Date
July 26, 1988
EU Release Date
December 31, 1988
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Jim Andron
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Amiga Commodore 64 Atari ST PC

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